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Did you know? - World War II

Dad’s Army in World War II

During World War Two, the Home Guard used the mill as a watchtower and based its headquarters there

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  • I remember the mill well. I was 11 when my father Leslie Hooper signed up as one of the first to do so in what was, initially, the LDV. While there may be evidence of broomsticks with knives on the end as pikes, I well remember, early on a case of Ross rifles being delivered encased in grease – all of which had to be removed. There was often skylarking around and Dad got a quite nasty leg injury caused by a sharp piece of mill machinery. On another occasion while out on patrol, I was told of an incident with the local police involving a “Doctor Who” style police box; the policeman, of not inconsiderable height jumped up for some reason resulting in his helmet being impaled in the fibre board ceiling and left dangling there. I can’t remember how long they occupied the mill except that eventually they left and took up headquarters in a large house in the London Road about at the junction with Carden Avenue. I have many other memories but I cannot remember his unit. He eventually became a Lieutenant, commanding a platoon. How he ever travelled up to London each day and then patrolled the Downs until the early hours I do not know. Are there any other readers who can throw any more light on this unit? I seem to recall that it was SX15.

    By Michael Hooper (04/07/2008)
  • Does anyone have the photo of Navvies digging out the Patcham School air-raid shelters on the school playing field.

    By GERALD MILLARD (30/07/2020)

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