Built in 1885

Restoration of Patcham Windmill

This five storey tower mill in Mill Road, Patcham, was the last working mill to be erected in Sussex. It was built in 1885 for Joseph Harris, a baker who also owned Preston Mill.

In use until 1924
The mill remained in use until 1924 and is now a private dwelling with an extension and a goldfish family in the swimming pool. The current owner, George Musgrave, bought it in 1989 for £250,000, exchanging contracts just two days after viewing it.

Gale damage in 1990
In January 1990 he had to contend with severe damage from gales and a repair bill of £14,000. Then, one December morning at 4.00am the mill was struck by lightning, destroying two sails. The repairs involved removing the cap, dismantling the remaining sails and rebuilding them at a cost of £170,000!

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  • Your web site is a little out of date. I purchased the windmill six years ago and it is not open to the public as it is my home. At the time of purchase it had fallen into a very poor state and it took two years to renovate with many improvements. The goldfish family have been joined by Koi.

    By Bob Baker (29/06/2003)
  • The windmill is not open to the public; a shame as although it is preserved as a house it should be open to view as it still contains its machinery. It would be nice to see the mill restored to working order and returned to its original black exterior and the awful extensions removed!

    By Tyrone (16/12/2006)

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