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Class A 1951

Sadly we came across this photo after my mother-in-law passed away, it was taken at Balfour Road Infants School during 1951 and is of Class A, my husband is in this photo but unfortunately he doesn’t recognise himself in it! I never knew him until 1965 so he had grown up quite a bit by then. Does anyone know any of the other children in this photo?

Class A Balfour Road School
From the private collection of Marion Goodwin

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  • I was at Balfour Road at this time. The lad on the far right of the back row looks as if it might be Garry Window.
    What is Mr Goodwin’s first name please?

    By Raymond (Dickie) Bird (24/10/2007)
  • Raymond, my husband, is also Raymond known as Ray Goodwin. Unfortunately he doesn’t recognise either your name or Garry Window’s.

    By Marion. (25/10/2007)
  • I was also at Balfour Road at this time. The boy holding the board with the class details on it, is my brother Michael Staley. I was in class 5, two years above him.

    By Malcolm Staley (13/02/2008)
  • I think the teacher is Miss Brogate.

    By Don McBeth (08/07/2009)
  • The teacher is Miss Charman – she used to show us gold sovereign, half sovereign, guinea and half guinea. If you upset her she would make you stand on your desk bench and she would whack across the calf with a ruler. I could name several of the children – Christopher Paul sitting – right end front row; Howard Hallett – fourth in from right back row.

    By Colin Hancox (28/08/2009)
  • I have just come across this site and was delighted to see a photo that I hadn’t seen before. I am 2nd from the left in the bottom row. I don’t remember Ray Goodwin, Ray Bird, Howard Hallett or Garry Window but I can confirm that the teacher is the formidable Miss Charman or Sharman. Others I recognise are Peter Symes-4th left top row, with Alan Bond next to him. I don’t know the next one along but next to him is Adrian Bernascone, I think, followed by another one I don’t know. Then come John Turner with Chris Wellings on the end. Jimmy Hogg is the 2nd one in from the right in the 2nd row from the bottom. I would probably recognise more if I could see a bigger photo. Is there any chance of that ? Correspondence seems to have gone dead since Aug 2009 but I should be pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to respond.

    By Frank Hinton (23/07/2010)
  • I was at Balfour Road in Miss Sharman’s class, I think in 1950. I do remember that she was a very strict but a good teacher. Mr Slater (Eric I think) was the headmaster and my dad was a teacher there (and in charge of the football team). Coincidentally, Mr Slater’s nephew, Dave, became a deputy head under my dad at Hagley Middle School in Worcestershire many years later.

    By Chris Divall (03/11/2010)
  • I am the fifth child from the left on the bottom seated row. Anne Turner was my name! I remember Miss Sharman liked me, the only teacher that ever did, because I was a fluent reader and she used to sit me in the front of the class to read Wind In The Willows whenever she left the class. 

    By Anne Yeats (nee Turner) (27/01/2014)
  • I also have this photo. 2nd row from back, 3rd girl is Lynne Thompson. I remember Michael Ashdown, a Dawn, Marion, Beryl, Mary and Jonathan Bartley.

    By Lynne Thompson (28/10/2014)
  • I came across this photo just looking to see if the school still existed. Was so surprised to see my class, I am fourth from right of bottom seated row.(Heather).I remember Miss Charman and also Elisabeth and Gillian. I recognise faces but cannot remember the names.

    By Heather Lieberman(nee Jay) (14/09/2021)

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