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School Class Photo 1973

School Class Photo 1973 - Mrs Maria Brunsdon teacher

Class photo in 1973 – do you recognise anyone here?

If you can identify a classmate, please leave a comment below.

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  • After a bit of digging, I believe that these are the class names then.

    Back Row, standing (L to R)
    Linda Gunn, Louise Brock, Kim Wadman, David Miller/Dust), Geoffrey Kiely, Hugh Higgins, Patrick Collins, Kevin Newnhan, David Hobden

    Second Row, standing (L-R)
    Mrs. Maria Brunsdon
    Katherine Wheelan, Maty Ryan, Sabina Carboni, Julia Healy, Martin McManus, Richard Dunkley, Alfred Thompson, Antonio Perri, Tania Vanolli

    Bottom Row, seated (L-R)
    Steven Turner, Siobhan Edwards, Michelle Simmons, Mary O’Brien, Margaret Hanley, Patricia Brice (RIP) Domenic De Rosa, ?, ?

    Front Row seated (L-R)
    Christopher Hobden, Paul Filaur, Christopher Kiely, Stephen Turner, John Mitchell, Matthew White, Adrian Kennedy

    Apologies for any incorrect spellings, and to the two ladies at the end of the Bottom Row, seated – who I couldn’t find your names.

    By Toni Perri (19/09/2020)
  • The 2 you missed are Patricia (Maria) Corr & Alison Lower!
    Wasn’t it Siobhan Moran?

    By Martin McManus (21/12/2020)
  • The 2 you missed are Patricia (Maria) Corr & Alison Lower!
    Wasn’t it Siobhan Morana and Hazel Whelan?

    By Martin McManus (21/12/2020)
  • Thank you Toni Perri for sharing. This was sent to me last night and bought back some lovely memories.
    Second Row, standing (L – R)
    Hazel Whelan, Mary Ryan not Maty.

    By Kim (01/01/2021)

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