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Class photo c1949-1950

How little we were then

I was sent this lovely photo by a classmate from this time a couple of years ago. It looks as though it was taken, I think, between 1948 when I started at St. John the Baptist and 1950. How little we were then, so long ago. The photo was taken in front of Class 1 in the playground. The teacher in class 1 was a very dear and kind nun called sister Carmela.

Trying to remember names

I remember lots of the faces and a few names so here goes, and I am probably wrong a lot here so forgive me:

Front row:?-?-?-?Vera Bridger-?-?.

2nd row:?-Helen Fulgony-?-Lorraine Murray-Carol Stacey (brilliant artist)-Pauline Jones-Sandra Hirst.

3rd row:Des Lynham-?-Roger Provost-Geoff Macklin-Joe Downey-Vicento Corona-?4th row:Veronica?-?-?-?-Vivienne Whitwell-Diane?-?-Patricia Daley-?.

Back Row: Patrick Dale-Myself (Mike Peirson)-?-Francis Piper-Hugh?-?-?.

Can you help?

If anyone can add names or put me right on the wrong ones please feel free. I remember that Patrick Dale had a lovely garden in Ditchling Road where on the odd occasion I would play with him. I am sure that there was a pond in the garden. I also remember his brother Anthony. Francis Piper lived over the road from the Open Market if I remember rightly. As stated before Carol Stacey was a brilliant artist. I was in awe of her drawings even at such a young age

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Class photo c1949-1950
From the private collection of Mick Peirson

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  • Hello Mick, We have corresponded before. I went to SJTB Primary from 1949-1955, then on to Woodingdean. I think you have the names right of the children you mention. In the front row 3rd from right is Vera Bridger. She lived opposite me as a child, and we have caught up in the last couple of years. She now lives in Norfolk. In the 2nd row from the front, 2nd from right is Pauline Jones. We have made contact again recently. We both live in Australia, in Perth. 3rd is Carol Stacey, 4th is Lorraine, I thought her name was Crossley. 6th is Helen Fulgoney. In the 2nd row from the back, 5th from right is Christine Whitwell, her mother worked at the school in Woodingdean and I stayed with them briefly when my mother died. 7th from right is Anne Fulgoney, Helen and Catherine’s cousin. I believe her mother had a well patronised second hand clothes shop in Edward Street. Hope this helps.

    By Jackie Soutar (nee Gladwell) (10/02/2012)
  • Thanks for the names Jackie. Lorraine Murray was called Lorraine Crossfield after her parents were divorced I think. I remember Pauline Jones as she lived in the next road down from me in Rugby Place. I remember Vera Bridger very well, she lived just around the corner from me. It was Vera that sent me the photo originally, thanks for that Vera.

    By Mick Peirson (11/02/2012)
  • Hello Mike. Glad you put the picture up. Where have you been?

    By Vera Wakefield (nee Bridger) (11/02/2012)
  • Another face that I think I have recognised is in the back row 3rd from the left. If I remember rightly his name was Terry Seymour. And the lad 5th from the left in the back row is Hugh Drake. Mike Peirson.

    By Mick Peirson (16/04/2012)
  • I do not seem to be in this picture, but this was my class in 1948 or 1949. I can add a few names. 2nd row from top far left is Veronica Marini, 4th from left Mary Teague next row down from left Desmond Lynam, could be Geoff Stocken, then Roger Provost and Gerald someone. Next row down 2nd from left Helen Fulgony then Anne Smith. Bottom row centre I think is Michael Weller next but one to right is Carol Broughton then Nicholas Pontremoli.

    By Richard Black (15/06/2012)
  • thank you jackie.i still pop in now and then to see whats happend,mick.

    By michael hicks (29/12/2012)
  • Hi, my mother is Carol Hawkins nee Stacy. I really love the photo and wondered if I could get one copied. So nice to have an old class photo of my mum. Kind regards, Sue.

    By Sue Hawkins (15/07/2014)
  • This is for Sue Hawkins, Sue if you want I could e-mail you a copy of the photo. My e-mail address is

    By Mick Peirson (16/07/2014)
  • Third row from the front on the far right is my brother, Kenneth Hawkes. He sadly died in April 1952.

    By Derek Hawkes (27/01/2015)
  • Had a look, seems like no-one here any more, ah well.

    By Michael Hicks (06/02/2016)

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