Whitehawk FC founded in 1945

Goal mouth action of Whitehawk Football Club in semi-final of Sussex Senior Cup in 1951.
Image reproduced with kind permission from Brighton and Hove in Pictures by Brighton and Hove City Council
Crowd watching Whitehawk F.C. playing in Sussex Senior Cup in 1951.
Image reproduced with kind permission from Brighton and Hove in Pictures by Brighton and Hove City Council
Whitehawk Football Club
Photo by Tony Mould

Please note that this text is an extract from a reference work written in 1990.  As a result, some of the content may not reflect recent research, changes and events.

e) WHITEHAWK FOOTBALL CLUB: The premier football club actually playing within the boundaries of Brighton was founded in 1945 as Whitehawk and Manor Farm Old Boys F.C. and initially competed in the Brighton League, but after winning the Sussex Senior Cup in 1951 the club was elevated to the Sussex County League (SCL) in 1952. The team achieved consistent success in the 1950s and early ’60s, finishing out of the top six only once from 1953 until 1964, but they have been relegated twice since, in 1967 and 1977, although promotion was gained after one year and four years respectively. Many trophies have been won, and there have been several successes at junior, intermediate and youth levels as well. In 1960 the club became simply Whitehawk Football Club and opened a new clubhouse in September 1980. {123,216,217}

The club has achieved the following honours:

1949 Sussex Junior Cup winners
1950 Sussex Intermediate Cup winners
1951 Sussex Senior Cup winners
Brighton Charity Cup winners
1952 Sussex Junior Cup winners
1955 Sussex RUR Cup winners
1959 Sussex RUR Cup winners
Brighton Charity Cup winners
1961 SCL Div.1 Invitation Cup winners
Brighton Charity Cup winners
1962 Sussex Senior Cup winners
SCL champions
1964 SCL champions
1968 SCL Div.2 champions
1970 SCL Div.1 Invitation Cup winners
1981 SCL Div.2 champions
SCL Div.2 Cup winners
1982 Brighton Charity Cup winners
1983 SCL Challenge Cup winners
Worthing Charity Cup winners
Brighton Charity Cup winners
Norman Wingate Trophy winners
1984 SCL champions
1987 Norman Wingate Trophy winners
1988 Brighton Charity Cup winners
1990 Brighton Charity Cup winners

Any numerical cross-references in the text above refer to resources in the Sources and Bibliography section of the Encyclopaedia of Brighton by Tim Carder.

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  • You can add these to that list:- Robbie Cox Memorial winners 1992/93/94/95; Norman Wingate trophy winners 1995; John O’Hara League cup winners 1995; Brighton Charity Cup winners 1998/99/2000. I first got involved at the club aged 13; playing in the Brighton League in 1974.I played my first game in the first team the following season aged 14. After a short spell at the Albion and playing in the higher levels of Kent/Sussex football, I returned to the club as a coach, then assistant manager, manager and eventually chairman. Now residing in Spain, hope all is well at the club and wish everybody well.

    By Paul Hubbard (02/10/2008)
  • It’s sad that with the passing of Ken that the Powell name will no longer be prominent at Whitehawk FC. RIP.Ken.

    By Paul Hubbard (27/10/2009)
  • Wonderful Club …. run by lovely people (RIP Georgie Gunn)

    By Mick Kedian (19/05/2010)
  • In response to your comment Paul, I am currently the club photographer and am now starting to put together a history of the club which will be used in the new clubhouse when the ground re-development finishes in 2013. Big names such as Ken Powell will feature in this, so hopefully will never be forgotten. If you or anyone has any pictures or literature / information about the club, especially pre 1980 I would love to hear from you. Please contact me through: http://www.davidsphotographics.co.uk

    By David Pillman (10/02/2011)
  • Hi David. I think I left most of my photos at the club when I left. If I find any that I think may be of interest I will let you know. All the best. Hubby.

    By Paul Hubbard (24/11/2011)
  • Paul / David my father – John Marchant played/managed and coached Whitehawk FC and is a life member of the club – he has some old photographs also.

    By Matt Marchant (06/12/2012)
  • I remember Johnny Marchant well. He was my manager at some point and a very good coach.

    By Paul Hubbard (17/01/2014)
  • Here is a programme from the 1980’s, team sheet included [Harry, had you intended there to be an image with this posting? Comments Ed]

    By Harry Atkins (11/05/2014)
  • According to my father, Frank Mace, the team was originally started by him and his best friend Derek Gregory and a few of their mates in his back garden in Fletchings Road on the old Whitehawk Estate. He has a couple of photos of the original team, not long before most of them went off to do their National Service. When he came out of the RAF, most of the original team members had left, and the team were playing regular fixtures, and were called Whitehawk FC. He is now 84.

    By Tina Mace (20/07/2015)
  • Long from Brighton but still follow Sussex teams – Whitehawk and Peacehaven.

    By Brian (14/10/2015)
  • Can you help with the Hawks history? I’m now workng with the club to get together a definite history: all games since 1945 etc. etc. Most of the archive that Ken Powell had is no more and we are short of stuff 1945-1970, especially cuttings, photos and programmes for those years. I can take anything off your hands that you don’t want, will pay for postage if you live miles away, or can photograph anthing if you don’t want to part with it. I’ve already had some great contacts from the early years and done some interviews, as well as writing a history piece in each of the programmes. Please get in touch if you can help – contact the club for my details.

    By Andy Schofield (12/08/2018)

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