Beautiful symmetry

View of Roundhill Crescent

If you go to the top of Brighton Race Hill and look to the west there is an extremely good panoramic view of the town, particulary of Roundhill Crescent. Again you wonder about the planners planning to make this beautiful symmetry of houses which, when you go down to ground level, look rather un-prepossessing but from the top of the Race Hill it is a wonderful architectural structure.

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  • I lived at No.6 from1930 to1968. As children, a favourite place to play was the Cat’s Creep.

    By Dennis Andrews (18/06/2004)
  • I lived in Roundhill Crescent at the age of 3-4 years (about 1933-4). My father was a chef at the Metropole Hotel. Would like to know if my surname is on record or remembered by anyone?

    By James Bew (21/08/2004)
  • Like my brother Eddy, I too have very happy memories of Roundhill Crescent. I still live in the area and often think back to those days. At one stage in the early 1970s, that great big house had an incredible 16 people living under one roof! Myself, my brother, my 3 sisters, Mum, Dad, 6 cousins, 2 aunts and 1 uncle (plus 1 cat and 1 dog)! I wish I could live there with my own family and relive those days.

    By Jim Duncliffe (23/09/2004)
  • My father, Clement Percival Button, was born at 43 Roundhill Crescent, Brighton, on 18th July 1904. He died in March 2004, just missing his 100th birthday.

    By Pat Rocks (02/02/2005)
  • My wife Barbara and I lived at the top of 75 Roundhill Crescent when we married in 1949. I worked from the trolley bus dept in Lewes Road as a conductor until I found work in my electrical trade at Alan West in Moulscomb. Left Brighton in 1952 for Australian National Airways in Melbourne. P.S. The ‘Digger ‘ is a family nickname from around 1926 – I even had connections with Brighton then!

    By Arthur 'Digger' Arculus (02/03/2005)
  • My grandparents, Maud and Fred Bowman, used to live in Roundhill Crescent in the 1960s. I remember visiting them and my grandmother picking some flowers from her garden saying that they were called Mother’s Pride. She passed away in the 1990s at the age of 96.

    By Denise Crittenden (07/04/2005)
  • I was born at no 26 in 1954. It was common pratice to have the second child born at home. Lived there till I was 14. I too remember the ‘cats creep’.

    By John Bath (16/04/2005)
  • I once lived in Roundhill Crescent with the Duncliffe family and it was a very joyful, happy time of my life. Wonderful area.

    By Brian Breheny (22/10/2005)
  • When I first married I moved to Roundhill Cresent back in 1962, where I worked for the Mayo Laundry owned by the Winter family. Is there anyone who would remember me?

    By Fred Humphrey (05/02/2006)
  • I was born at 27 Roundhill Crescent in 1953. I remember the cats creep and Mrs Back who lived at the bottom. I also went to Fairlight School with John Bath.

    By John Mercer (17/04/2006)
  • To Fred Humphrey. I also worked for the Mayo Laundry from 1962 – 1970. Are you the Fred that drove one of the vans? If so, I remember you – I worked in the wash house with Derek Bryant. I seem to remember being outside your house one day and we were trying to start your car with some very flimsy jump leads. I often wonder what happened to Don and Sheila Winter. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know any information on them that you might have.

    By Pete Lane (23/10/2006)
  • My grandmother, Dorothy Lily Violet Smith, was born at 23 Roundhill Crescent in 1903. Her parents were William John Smith (b. 1879) and Lily Smith (nee Moore). I have found out quite a lot about the Moores for my family tree. Researching family with the name Smith is not easy, and needless to say, I am having problems in finding out anything about William, and I don’t know whether he was from Brighton. To make matters worse, his father was also called William John Smith. I think my grandmother had younger brothers (Wally? Walter? Jack? William?) but as there is so little to cross reference, it is difficult to ascertain this. Any Smiths out there who have info?

    By Jan Sinkfield (14/08/2008)
  • I lived at 75 Roundhill Cresent from 1963 to 1980 with my parents Larry and Mavis, my brothers Andrew, David and sisters Maureen and Mary. Does anyone remember us?

    By Roger Hughes (28/11/2008)
  • I use to live at 62 Roundhill Cresent back in 1980-1984 when my old man was a student (from Malaysia) at Brighton Polytechnic. I believe it has been upgraded to Brighton University. I remember a couple living upstairs, Lewis and Ann surviving on dole money. Made a lot of friends but have no idea how to reach them. I was 5-8 yr old back then. Brighton was beautiful.

    By Ridzuan Awang (02/02/2009)
  • I lived in Roundhill Crescent from 1941 until 1963. I lived at No. 18 with my elder sister and brother and nephew Robert. We had a wonderful childhood. We played up and down the cats creep, the laundry grounds, the streets around were our playground.

    By Brian Clout (06/04/2009)
  • My father Cyril Ricci Baden Powell and my mother Sarah lived in no 111 Round Hill Crescent around 1958 as that is the address on their marriage cert. Does anyone remember them, as I am doing some family research.

    By Rebecca Baden Powell (15/12/2009)
  • My Great Grandparents Thomas Lennard Gooding Wilkinson and his wife Harriett ( nee Stockwell) lived at No 74 Roundhill Crescent in 1891. They brought up their nine children there. He was a buyer for Hanninngtons .

    By Sue Hoskinson (21/09/2010)
  • Follow on to Pat Rocks comments above. My 1st Cousin 4x removed Emma Nutley b1834 married a Charles Scrase in 1854. They had nine children and also lived at 43 Roundhill Crescent. If anyone has any information on this family I can be contacted at

    By Stephen Nutley (24/11/2010)
  • Hello roger Hughes, (28.11.2008) Do you have any photographs of 75 Roundhill Crescent? Cheers, Arthur Arculus

    By Arthur Digger' Arculus (29/12/2010)
  • Hello Brian Clout, I knew you and your nephew Robert Ashford, we all grew up together in Round Hill Crescent, my name is Peter Upton from No 38. I remember your brother Tommy, and your dad who I think had a wooden leg from WW1. Other names in my head are Ian and Micheal Nunn, David and Peter Foreman (whose father had the only car in the street), Kenny and Allan Welfare, Johny Cheeseman opposite you, David Markwick and sister who lived opposite the “woods”, do you have any news on any of them? I think you worked for Claude Neon signs. I have been living in Melbourne, Australia since 1969 but still miss Brighton. I have been back a couple of times. RHC I’m sure has changed.

    By Peter Upton (05/02/2011)
  • I currently live at 101. I know this used to be a women and childrens hospital in the early 1900’s. Does anyone have any more info or pictures I could buy?

    By Shane Jamieson Franks (12/03/2011)
  • Hello Arthur “digger” Arculus, as you can see from my comment above, I lived in R.H.C. from 1939 until 1966, and you would have known my father “Ginger” Upton who also was on the Brighton Corporation buses for 28 years. Like you, he also came to Melbourne to join me when he retired in 1975, but he died in 2000, aged 85. 

    By Peter Upton (22/04/2011)
  • I live at No.71 Roundhill Crescent and was told by the previous owner that this house used to be a small school for girls. Does anyone know more? We still have a number ‘1’ on one of the bedroom doors reportedly from that time and the original bell-pulls for the servants.

    By Nikki Larsen-Disney (30/05/2011)
  • I lived at 58 Roundhill Crescent from 68 (I think) till 82. Roger Hughes, I remember your family living at 75 but mainly Mary. I also remember the old blue three wheeler disabled car which I think your next door neighbour owned at 77 and the Balls at 79 on the corner of Ashdown Road.

    By Jarrod Marchant (17/03/2012)
  • I lived at 25 Round Hill Crescent from when I was two in 1953 till we left for Zimbabwe in 1961. I also attended Fairlight Junior School. Went back for a look for the first time in 2006, it hadn’t changed much just nice to see the place.

    By Kelvin Byrne (19/06/2012)
  • I have found, in the 1911 Census, that my Great Grandfather Frank Sheppard lived at 45 Roundhill Crescent with his family, whilst his Father, Henry Sheppard, also with family were living at number 58!!

    By Elizabeth Henty (01/06/2013)
  • I was born at 113 Roundhill Crescent in 1958; my mother and sister then moved to number 43 in the early 60s. Timothy Holter and his mother lived next door and the Fogdens lived opposite. I used to play with Mary, Lesley and Zena Potter who lived three or four doors down from us.

    By Faith Prince (was Collins) (30/07/2013)
  • My family lived at 53 Roundhill Crescent from 1968 until 1984. The house was very big and we all loved it there and had great times.

    By Sue Weller nee Nott (06/11/2013)
  • I lived at 66 from 1961/2 ish until going to sea in 1974, my mum, dad and brothers Tony and Keith  were there a lot longer – probably until about 1984/5. Yes I do remember the Hughes family opposite, when we were able to play football in the street cos there weren’t many cars – a good place to grow up.

    By Bob Fogden (07/11/2013)
  • I was paperboy for Roundhill Crescent from 1962-1965.

    By Terry Knight (22/10/2015)

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