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Pikes street directory, 1918

Pikes Street Directory of Brighton, 1918
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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  • Yes, great books. I have got my granddad Otto August Kehlbacher back to 1896 at no 2 St Martin’s Street. I can’t get back any more, pity.

    By Patrick Charles Kite (20/01/2009)
  • I have a ‘Birthday Book’ in my archives, showing Surnames: Kehlbacher; Mrs 11 Dec, Mr 27 Nov, Tommy 29 Sept, George 24 Sept, Carl 26 July, Katie 17 March, Kite; Fred 27 May, Ethel 29 March (linked in the entry to Fred Barkup), Ethel again 24 March, B? 26 March, C? 10 Dec.

    By Mrs Dowbiggin (08/10/2009)
  • Dear Mrs Dowbiggin, how fantastic this is. All my family you are talking about love to see the documents.

    By P.C.Kite (16/01/2010)
  • My Grandmother,Rebecca Humphreys wrote these friends’ birthdays in her Birthday Book. The C is Connie I think. There are two postcards addressed to her in Brighton. 40, Guilford St Brighton, and 29, Tisbury Rd Hove. I would love to know a little more about her through this connection.

    By Mrs Dowbiggin (22/09/2010)
  • Don’t know a Connie at all I am afraid.

    By Patrick Kite (06/03/2011)
  • Dear Mr Kite, 40 Guildford St, Brighton was the home of the Kehlbacher family on the 1901 census. My Grandmother recieved a postcard addressed to her here in 1909. It was redirected to 29 Tisbury Rd Hove. I believe that Ethel Kite was a friend of my Grandmother as her name appears alongside the rest of the Kehlbacher and Kite family. The link in the Birthday book between Ethel Kite and Fred Bartup is a marriage I think. They were neighbours in 1901 census, and here I found I had the name wrong as it is Bartup not Barkup. The 1891 Brighton Census gives; Frederick Kite,31 Shoemaker, Wife Emily 30,and children; Ethel 6, Earnest 4, and Frederick 1. In the 10 years between censuses she was widowed and remarried, and had George 6, Kate 5, Carl 2, and Thomas, 6 months. I would be most grateful to know the reason why my Grandmother should receive mail at their address. Was she perhaps employed there?

    By Mrs Dowbiggin (25/05/2011)
  • Sorry for the length of time answering. I have no idea, but my father is the Karl mentioned above.

    By Patrick Kite (14/08/2013)

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