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Logo supplied by Terry Wing
Shield of the Priory of England and the Islands
Graphic supplied by Terry Wing
At the Dome Theatre 2004. back row: Esther, Lyndsay, Simon, Terry. front: Darren
Photo by Arran Pawson
The Regency Ambulance on duty for the Labour Party Conference 2004
Photo by Terry Wing
Regency Square/Kings Road traffic free and no speeding during the Labour Party conference 2004
Photo by Terry Wing
Charities use the nearby Grand Hotel side wall for fundraising abseiling, but not during the Labour Party conference!
Photo by Terry Wing

Regency Square is the home of the Founder of the City Centre Division of St John Ambulance.  There was already a Brighton Division when a new concept of ‘Care in the Community’ was instigated in 1991. There was also a Hove and Hangleton Division and so the title of Regency was selected as location description.

A unique privilege
This is a unique privilege as all other St John Ambulance Divisions are named after the towns in which they are based (with the addition of East or West if required). The Regency Ward of Brighton is the only ward in the nation to have a St John Division named after it.

Volunteer medical cover
The lack of suitable accommodation within the Regency area caused the Regency Division to base their training Headquarters at Preston Circus, although the division’s work is centred around the City Centre/Regency ward. The work includes providing volunteer medical cover at all the public events that occur in the City centre and on the seafront.

Attendance at public events
We cover all events at the Dome Theatre and Complex as well as street events such as the Children’s Parade, Burning the Clocks, Streets of Brighton and Brighton Gay Pride. We were also the providers for the now defunct New Year’s Eve celebrations on the Old Steine for the three Millennium years, 1999, 2000 and 2001.

Could you volunteer?
The Regency Division of St John Ambulance is always looking for volunteers and we invite you to ring 696969 or visit our website for further information. All Members and Officers are unpaid.

Comments about this page

  • This page was very inspirational to read and the pictures brought a sense of pride. It made the gospel concert that we are planning to hold in Brighton feel so real. It’s good to be able to see the crew that will be working with us beforehand. This website makes me feel that we will be a part of something big and that our event will be in safe hands. It’s good to know the history / background of St Johns in this area.

    By Lorna Markland (07/07/2005)
  • I would like to point out, the name ‘St Johns’ is wrong. It’s St John! Surprising amounts of people get this wrong! Sorry if I offend anyone; I felt it obligatory to comment!

    By remaining anonymous (20/11/2009)
  • Regency Division was started by Terry Wing, he lived in Regency Square, as a Care in the Community unit based at New England House.
    Later First Aid duty’s were started in their area as Brighton Division were also active in many parts of Brighton. The Millennium celebrations at the Old Steine were by a number of Divisions in the area, also County Officers were also involved in the planning.

    By Alan Pinder Div. Sgt. Brighton retired (07/07/2019)

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