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Romantic encounters

“Now this might not look very interesting, but it’s known locally as ‘Quadrophenia Alley’. It featured in the 1970s film ‘Quadrophenia’ which was all about l960s Mods and Rockers having a weekend out in Brighton. It’s where the two stars of the film had their first romantic encounter.”

Quadrophenia Alley

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  • What year did this alley actually get it’s name and street sign, as I am sure it did not have this in the sixties.

    By stevie martin (30/01/2020)
  • As the film did not come out until 1979 quite obviously this was not named in the Sixties! Elsewhere on this site there are items about the alley -or twitten, in local parlance. I asked the question ‘who named it’ some years ago when I noticed the sign, which is not a local authority one. There were no takers to the question. I imagine a canny local entrepreneur had it done.

    By Dr Geoffrey Mead (03/02/2020)

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