This tour was created from a collection of photos belonging to Albert (known as Bert) Clayton, a photographer with the Sussex Daily News.

Albert George Clayton was born in 1894. His grandfather made bricks in Hove, near the site of today’s Embassy Court – hence the name Clayton. He was in the Royal Flying Corps during World War One, and later became a photographer.

It is believed that the 20th century photos in this tour were taken by Bert Clayton between the 1920s and the 1950s. The photos are matched to older Victorian photos, mainly in the collection of Brighton Museum. Bert may have published a book based on the photos.

Credits for the website tour:
Bert Clayton’s collection of pictures was inherited by Tricia Leonard, his great-niece, who now lives in East Brighton.

Together with a friend, Sue Craig, she followed in Bert Clayton’s footsteps and took a third, contemporary photo to add to his original ‘then and now’ set. 

Tricia and Sue Craig are both members of the East Brighton Bygones group. The tour was originally designed for the web by Jack Latimer, another My Brighton and Hove volunteer.

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  • A remarkable collection. Heard the local BBC radio interview this morning, and this tour is even better than described! Thanks and well done.

    By Andrew Remedios (23/02/2004)
  • An absolutely fascinating glimpse into Brighton’s history – very easy to follow – I will recommend it to everyone I meet. Thanks!

    By Sally Ann (06/03/2004)
  • Very interesting group of photos and easy to follow.!

    By Rita Fogarty (20/03/2004)
  • Fascinating!

    By Gareth Hall (24/03/2004)
  • Great idea, keep up the great work.

    By Clare Thompson (25/01/2006)
  • Although I have never been to Brighton, looking at these photos is fascinating and beautiful. I came to this site after recently meeting one of your residents in the USA and was interested in information on your area. I, too, come from a sleepy seaside area but in the States, I would love to visit your beautiful town someday. Very enjoyable site.

    By Carol McCormick (23/10/2006)
  • Thanks for sharing this. I’v been looking at these photos for ages. I’m fascinated by them. Thank you

    By Steveo (15/06/2010)
  • Hello Rita Fogarty, so sorry  but I have been trying to find someone called Karen Fogarty, I used to go to school with her. please please Rita, are you her mum?

    By Bridget Dawkins (30/11/2014)

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