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One of the longest in Sussex

The Long Barn, which lies to the north of the churchyard, is one of the longest in Sussex. Although no longer used for farming purposes, Patcham Court Farm at one time kept a hundred head of cattle under the one roof. Note the extensive use of local flints in the building as with many of the nearby cottages and other buildings

Long barn near All Saints Church, Patcham. c1960
Photo sent by Martin Nimmo 25-01-03

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  • Opposite the Long Barn was a dovecote – my mother used to collected doves’ eggs here when she was a girl just before the war. They had a very long ladder inside the dovecote.

    By Christine Martin (24/05/2007)
  • The mention of Sussex flints reminds me. During one of the many periods when my dad, Jack Spicer, was off work due to his scaffolding commitments being temporarily on hold, he worked for the local farmer at West Dean, collecting flints off the fields. Paid a pittance apparently, and illegally done so far as the dole system was concerned if found out! Like most of the time, despite trying hard, no full time work so anything for a slice of bread!

    By Ron Spicer (04/07/2008)
  • One of my grandmothers brother lived at this farm in the early 1950s.

    By jac (18/11/2008)
  • My parents live there now. The barn has been converted into several small homes. They still have the original beams inside. It’s beautiful.

    By Anna (19/07/2019)

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