Pets' Graveyard: a little history

This graveyard is in a walled garden behind Preston Manor. It was created around the turn of the 19th century by Ellen Thomas-Stanford’s mother, the owner of the house. Both she and her daughter were keen dog lovers.

Still used for council animals
The graveyard is still used as a resting-place for animals who have worked in the service of the council. Preston Manor frequently has to turn down requests for other pets to be buried there.

Dates back to thirteenth century
The walls of the garden go back to the thirteenth century. The garden itself was replanted from 1905 onwards. Its design is based on old-fashioned seventeenth-century gardens, which had high walls and formal flower-beds.

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  • I remember the pets’ graveyard at Preston Manor. I was taken on a school trip and still remember a headstone for one pet buried there which says ‘Here lies Tatters, not that it much matters’.

    By June (29/01/2010)
  • As I lived in Preston Drove close to the Manor in the 40s and 50s I frequently enjoyed the grounds and gardens. “Tatters” tombstone has always remained in my memory too. Being an animal lover it always seems a sad rhyme to put on a pet’s grave. However, Tatters will obviously be remembered by many people who never knew him (or her ?)

    By John Starley (12/04/2013)

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