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Upper 6th Geography July 1968

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I cannot believe I left the above school 50 years ago this month! 

On Saturday 14th July 2018 I will be attending the 152nd annual reunion lunch at the school which is attended by about 80 plus people each year.  A link if anyone wants more details these can be accessed here. 

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else? Please post a comment below.


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  • ‘Absque Labore Nihil’, I have an acute sense of irony looking at this picture, as these ‘boys’ are all my contemporaries (1961-66). Ironic, as geography was the only subject I excelled in at the Grammar (I had Grade 1 at ‘O’ Level) but mucked up most of the rest and left in some disgrace at Xmas 1966. In October 1980 I was accepted at Sussex as a ‘Mature Unqualified Student’ (no ‘A’ levels’) and I achieved a 2i BA degree in…Geography, then went on to work for Sussex adult ed. dept. in their Landscape Studies degree. I went to visit Harry Brogden at his home in The Martlets and he commented “You did not have a fruitful time at the School as I remember, what are you doing now? “Running a university department headmaster!” (not strictly true but I had to say it for the effect!). Eventually I took my doctorate in 2010…in Geography! Good to see all those faces from 50 years ago. Where DID John Small get those geek glasses?

    By Geoffrey Mead (04/07/2018)
  • Great news received today from Andy Sloggett that news of Keith Bolus’s death was greatly exaggerated and that he is alive and well!

    By Nicholas Lade (19/08/2018)

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