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Class photograph 1950/1

Finsbury Road School: click on image to open a large version in a new window
From the private collection of William McWhirter

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I am afraid I cannot provide names for this group.

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  • I was at this school from 1947 /1959. I can recall lots of the boys names but not so sadly the girls but even I have no idea of my position in class. I must get a magnifying glass.



    By Michael Rumble (06/04/2018)
  • I attended this school – here are a few names: Front row sitting from the left – Jimmy Streeter, Billy McWirter, Billy Crump and Terry Langford. I will recall other names later.

    By Terence Langford (24/06/2020)
  • To finish up on the names that I came up with: Top row from the left – # 3 Neville Thompson, #5 Jimmy Weaver, #7 Walter Willey. 2nd row down – #6 Jean Hazelgrove. And the last on that row is Tony Gibbs. 3rd row – #1 Rosemary Schooley, #3 Maury Barnes, #6 Pammy Carpenter, #8 Trevor Kelly, #9 Chris Baldy. And back to the front row to continue
    – #7 Freddie Streeter, #9 Billy Vinal and the last is John Jones.

    By Terence Langford (25/06/2020)
  • I was transferred to this school in 1954 after leaving a church school one afternoon, at my wits end, and refused to go back. My amazing class teacher was a Mr Daphyn (?) but I also had loads of help from Mr Austin (?) I was briefly subjected to a bit of bullying until befriended by another pupil, Paul Davis. Passed my 11+ here. Made up for all my other bad memories of my move from the Isle of Wight after becoming what is now called a latch key kid in a single parent family. After the winter term at Varndean where I collected but declined to serve several detentions, my mother moved to Luton.

    By Tony Walden (29/05/2022)
  • My Grandfather, John Damario would love to find out if there are any photographs he is in. He attended 1945-1951. Thank you all so much.

    By Kerry Shipp (01/08/2022)

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