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Class photograph 1948/49

Finsbury Road School c1948/49: click on image to open a large version
From the private collection of Ray Stoner

Research for this photograph was done by me and Yvonne Commons. We would love to hear from anyone who recognises themselves or anyone else. You can contact me at (

Top row L-R

Pat Harvey; Elizabeth King; Coleen Groves; Sheila James; Pamela Hawks; Zelma Burgin; Diane ?; Joan Samson; Pat Collier;Rita Clark; Gaye James.

Middle row L-R

Arthur Inman( deceased); Raymond Westcott(deceased); Jimmy Streeter; Peter Piper; Raymond Pannett; Michael Kirby; Dennis Jerram (deceased in Australia); David Vinall(deceased); Charlie Goldsmith; Peter Pratt;Philip Markwick; Raymond Stoner; Gordon Banks; Eddie Mason.

Bottom row L-R

Eileen Upton(deceased);Wendy Trump; Grace Connelly;Maria Newman; Joyce Dray; Rita Foulkes; Yvonne Peters; Maureen Banks; Yvonne Commons; Rita Ferris; Kathleen Jones; Joan Tubb;Janet Joint.

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  • My sister Cecily Rumble is in your photo. We lived in Coleman St. She now lives in Hailsham as does Yvonne Peters. Sadly Gaye passed on – she is the mother of Steve Ovett.  They lived opposite us.

    By Michael Rumble (18/03/2018)
  • Michael, please contact me on my email address ,

    Thank you.

    By Raymond Stoner (30/09/2018)
  • Lovely to see this old school photo, I’m Elizabeth King ( now Taylor ) and I remember Pamela Hawkes, Raymond Pannett, Joan Tubb, Michael Kirby, Philip Markwick, David Vinall, Eddie Mason, Rita Clark and Yvonne Commons ( who is my cousin. ) Remember maths teacher was a Mr Bowyer, Miss Rennie and Head Master was Mr Brown. Also remember running to the school underground air raid shelter when the sirens sounded . Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Regards, Elizabeth Taylor. ( Nee King )

    By Elizabeth Taylor (20/10/2020)
  • Hi Elizabeth Taylor,
    I don’t know if you’ll see this but what can you remember about Mr Brown the headmaster of this school. He is my great uncle of whom I never met so would love to hear about him and your time at this school. That would be great.
    Many Thanks.
    Adam Pearson.

    By Adam Pearson (17/01/2021)
  • My father Philip Markwick is in this photograph. Sadly he is now suffering with end stage dementia but was fit and healthy until about 3 years ago. I showed him this photograph last year and although at that time he was unable to recall the names of his grandchildren, he could remember almost all of the names in this photograph and tell me about each of them! It gave us some happy times as he was able to recall childhood memories.
    For anyone that remembers him, it would be lovely to know what he was like at this age. As a man Dad was a real joker and always the life and soul of the party!

    By Karen Oliver (25/04/2022)

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