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In Feng Shui they say it is not auspicious to live close to a cemetery, but I am very happy living in Bear Road, and the neighbours are very quiet! My south facing living room looks out over big old trees, green in summer and an adventure playground for squirrels and birds in winter. I can see over the stone wall into the peaceful gardens and sometimes catch sight of a fox strolling in the sunshine. Some years ago an elderly neighbour told me you used to be able to see the sea before the trees grew so tall.

Yes, it is a steep hill to climb. Unwary visitors arrive on my doorstep breathless and exhausted, but I insist it keeps me fit just walking home each day.

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  • I was born at 1 Riley Road in 1942 and the cemeteries off Bear Road were fascinating to me. In later years I could never understand why people did not like them. I remember the jamjars of blackberries gathered in the cemeteries and sold door-to-door by us children for 6d. They were huge and delicious but when my Mum found out where they came from she wouldn’t have any more!

    By Maureen Nash (24/07/2006)
  • I used to live right over the other side of them (May Road / Hartington Road). At the bottom of the garden where I lived was the cemetery wall. Myself and some friends used to have a treehouse in the corner. I always used to love walking through the trees on a Sunday morning. I can remember how peaceful it was. I have so many nice memories from the cemeteries there.

    By Zara Hilton (09/08/2006)
  • I loved this cemetery and when I came back from the town centre, I happen to walk through it. I was young then, working as a nursing auxiliary, in the Bevendean Hospital. This is the most rewarding part of my life, I felt so useful to all the patients. My room in the hospital had a window on one of the cemeteries. I never worried about death which was around here. I had so much to do with life… I just loved my patients as much as they loved me and when I came back in 1997, walked up Bear Road to Bevendean Road, I was very disappointed to notice that the hospital had “vanished”.

    By Claude (18/01/2009)

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