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Bond Street: undated
Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton

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Here is the latest item from my Brighton Museum troll.

The photo is not dated – can you suggest a date?

Do you remember this view of Bond Street?

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  • The couple with the baby have that post-hippy look of the early 1970s. What we can see of the cars also suggests that. 

    By Philip Burnard (18/10/2018)
  • The registration number of the white car emerging from Bond Street Row ends with the letter L, which means it was registered in 1972/73. So this photo would be some time after that.

    By Thomas Paul (18/10/2018)
  • Not only an L reg. Thomas Paul, it’s a Lancia Fulvia S Coupe and they didn’t arrive in that style in the UK until 1972/3. Nice little car if you could keep it well away from the salty air.
    Philip Burnard, what you suggest is also true, it was much later in the  70s when men started perming their hair, re: 10cc and all that (or flowering Alliums).

    By Bob from Brighton (19/10/2018)
  • The ‘white car’, with the London registration OYE471L, is a Lancia Fulvia first registered in September 1972. It doesn’t appear to be currently registered. You may have heard the old adage, “What is a Lancia? ‘Tis a Fiat only rustia”. Probably the reason why it no longer exists. The other two cars shown are a c1970 Austin A40 Farina with an early Range Rover behind.     

    By Tim Sargeant (19/10/2018)
  • Kelly’s 1974 (the final volume) has Cameron Yorke Ltd photographic materials dealers at #7 Bond St, Arcadia Antiques at #8; this accords with the dates listed above. On other pages on this wonderful site there is much about Bond St where my grandfather Ernest Henry Mead had his salerooms and removals firm at 17/18a Bond St  ( ‘Mead & Co-Brighton’s Premier Removals’) from about 1914-1960(ish). Grandad’s office is now a cocktail bar. As a Methodist lay preacher he is spinning in his grave. Above  the office was the flat (I have 14 aunts and uncles who grew up there) and above that a roof garden, which I do not recall, but my older brother does remember.

    By Geoffrey Mead (20/10/2018)
  • By 1975, when I worked just around the corner, what in the photo is Arcadia Antiques was a sandwich / cake shop. We used to leave our building via the fire escape and walk down Bond Street Row to buy sandwiches.

    By Alan Phillips (21/10/2018)
  • My Grandad, Frederick Glover, was born in what was 5, Bond Street Row in 1900. His mum died there three years later in 1903 from hepatitis and his father died of the same disease in 1908. It was then Fred and his five brothers moved in with their aunt and uncle in Islingwood Street near Elm Grove. If anyone has data on Bond Street Row, would be great to hear from you. Thanks

    By Peter Bourne (24/09/2019)
  • My father’s shop was 6 Bond Street. His name was Cameron Yorke. We lived above the shop until 1960 when he let the flat out but I moved back into the flat in the 1970s. I can’t remember the antique shop but it must have been late 1970. So many good memories of the the people who lived and worked in the shops in that road.

    By Julie Atkinson (19/01/2020)
  • Hi Julie, my name is Dave Lewis and I lived opposite your parents shop in number 40 Bond Street. My father bought my first camera from your father Cam, When I was about 12 for my birthday. I still have it now. If you would like to chat my email is below.

    By Dave Lewis (28/10/2021)

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