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No.31 c1958/59 prior to demolition

Clearances on the slopes of the Albion Hill area which contained Claremont Place, commenced in 1959; the narrow streets and courtyards being replaced by flats and grassed open spaces. The town’s first ‘tower block’ flats were erected on Albion Hill in 1961 and the area is now dominated by seven 11-storey blocks; Highleigh was the first, opened by the mayor, Alan Johnson, on 16 May 1961.

The maps here show the location of Claremont Place prior to the redevelopment work, and also the area after the rebuilding. If you would like to see larger versions of these maps please check out our Introduction to Albion Hill where you can access very large images.

The first home of C. West from Christmas 1944 to 1955/56
From the private collection of C. West
Albion Hill area prior to redevelopment
Map produced by Tim Carder
Albion Hill area after redevelopment
Map produced by Tim Carder

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  • I used to work at Rocky Rococo’s before the Brooklyn Park one was opend. I remember seeing Wally Kurth, or was it Rena Sofer, at Mervyn’s. I live close by now and was taking pictures of the demolition and now seeing all the beauty of the streets coming and Walmart built up. I imagine to see Macaroni Grill & Red Lobster coming around and Boba coming back. Excited to see what does come.

    By Maria (22/11/2015)

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