Miles Ahead, 61 Queens Road

Formerly Miles Ahead, 61 Queens Road, Brighton
Photo by Debbie Lias

For years there was always at least one shop in Brighton which would stock USA import soul records.  I have mentioned Sounds Unlimited as being my all-time favourite store in this respect, but in the early 80s the baton briefly passed to Miles Ahead.

I don’t recall them lasting as long as many other shops I have mentioned but I did my bit to keep them solvent for a while.

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  • It was started by Trevor Miles, former manager of H & R Cloake in Churchill Square, when that store closed in late 1981. It specialised in jazz, funk, soul and reggae with an emphasis on US imports. It closed in 1982.

    By Cookster660 (26/09/2014)
  • Does anyone know more about Cloakes?  How many shops did they have?  I used the Croydon branch a lot in the 1960s.  For most of the time it was L&H Cloake, then it became H&R Cloake.  Who was R?  And what happened to poor old L?

    By Adrian Figgess (28/10/2014)

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