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Mobile shop, 1929

Lionel Richard Weal's mobile shop in Whitehawk, 1929
Picture supplied by Richard Weal, grandson, on 01-02-2003

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  • Interesting. To this day there is still a mobile shop only he comes round in a modon white van

    By Leo (22/10/2004)
  • This photo is what life should be like now. I remember Mr Walters in Fletching Road; on a Sunday you could always rely on him. I remember rusty tins and his weight scales – and the lovely smell of his Sunday lunch. What a lovely man!

    By J (26/07/2006)
  • I’m nearly 50 now, and Sunday was a special day for all my family of seven. Each of us had our chores and then treats; camp coffee made with 3.5 pints of milk, ice cream, a massive roast beef dinner and dessert. My twin brother and I had the chore of getting these items from Mr Walters. I used to love clearing the ambers from the coal fire because my dad later used to heat corn of the cob for all of us with, of course the old Anchor butter…lovely. Later, we all would play Charades or Monopoly etc in the evening. Those were the days.

    By Paul (14/12/2006)
  • I remember Mr Walters very well. He used to come round with his delivery van. I lived with my parents and my sister June and my brother Keith. We lived in Whitehawk Avenue and I also used to go round to Mr Walters on a Sunday if my mum needed anything. I think he worked from a shed at the bottom of his garden.

    By Susan Pendergast (Crittenden) (07/05/2010)

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