Lucy Hermann: Editorial team

As a member of the editorial team for the last six years, I like to think that I know this website well. However, every month I find myself reading pages I have never come across before. Therefore, my choices for this tour are based on a tiny selection of the facsinating pages that I have chanced upon when editing comments submitted by our visitors. I learn at least one new thing about Brighton and Hove every month!

Page link: 1960s
'Hippies' on the beach c1960s
Page link: Brighton Tigers
Brighton Tigers
A brief history
Page link: Local Folk
Local Folk
Bill Axcell: 'The Glass Animal Man'
Page link: Trunk murders
Trunk murders
Kemp Street: Scene of a grisly murder
Page link: Colourful Characters
Colourful Characters
Ras Prince Monolulu 1880-1965
Page link: Thrales House
Thrales House
Then and now photos
Page link: Listed Buildings
Listed Buildings
Three tram shelters in Pavilion Parade