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Preston Park

By Lucy & Dave

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Photo:Preston Park rose garden

Preston Park rose garden

Photo by Tony Mould

Easy access to cakes

A lot of our family trips rely on easy access to cake. If you’re the same then you might want to head down to Preston Park for an afternoon. It has two cafes and plenty of places to play, sit or just watch the world go by.

Café by the rose garden

If you head in from the Preston Circus end, you’re immediately confronted by a rose garden which leads, rather conveniently, to a cafe. There’s some great cake on offer, which will set you up for the ten minute walk (if you’re ambling) to the next in-park eatery.

Another slice of cake?

A stroll past the bowling greens and tennis courts leads to the main park where you can stay for a picnic, head to the play-park, watch a spot of basketball or, as we’re prone to do, head to the cafe in the centre and have another slice. Preston Manor resides at the far end of the park and has good tours, suitable for families. 

Preston Park rose garden

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