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North Laine
Photo by Tony Mould
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Brighton bohemia

If you want your kids to get a sample of Brighton bohemia early on in life, then take them for a trip down the North Laine. People watching is a part of it, but there is also Brighton’s excellent new Jubilee Library (which has plenty of books and activities for children) and a lot of vibrant cafes and shops.

Always worth a trip

It’s always worth a trip to, although weekends always prove a bit difficult when it comes to negotiating prams through the crowded streets.

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  • This is one block north of the North Laine view on MY tour! I still have a thrill knowing you can be in crowded central Brighton yet be able to look north and see open country (Hollingbury) at the end of the view. Brighton, the place of infinite delights!

    By Geoffrey Mead (19/08/2010)

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