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“This is the finest heritage web site I have ever seen. I want to shamelessly copy the concept. Please contact me to tell me how you managed to do it!”

Posted by Nial Adams, Principal Museums Officer, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, 19/04/2006

“I left Brighton in 1994 for bluer skies and sandy beaches. A friend told me about this site and I just wanted to say how great it is and it’s made me realise how much I miss Brighton and what a wonderful place it is. Keep up the good work.”

Posted by Maddie, 31/07/2006

“Just wanted to say a huge ‘thankyou’. I have been researching my move to Brighton. Finding your site has been so helpful in reading up on the different areas. Now I know which ones are worth visiting and won’t have to drive around them all. Thanks you so much. Also I must say that the site looks so good – I really dig the pebbles.

Posted by Ella, 22/05/2004

“A really great site. I left Brighton in 1978. This is the best site I have seen about Brighton. Well done and thank you.”

Posted by Brian, 28/09/2003

“This site is fantastic. It’s also great to think that the longer it runs the more detailed it will become – some things do improve with age!”

Posted by Martin Johnson, 12/06/2003

“Congratulations on one of the best websites I’ve found locally. I live in Hastings and wonder if something similar couldn’t be put together here. I am impressed!”

Posted by Rob Evans, 12/06/2003

“Brilliant website! Two hours has flown by. Should be cooking dinner – oops!”

Anne Tomsett, 24/07/2004

Posted by J. Waters

“I only found out about this website by chance while looking through the Evening Argus and I think it’s great, and really well laid out. I think that this site is a great way to present our city, our people and their lives, now and then. I hope the Council continue to support you long into the future.”

Posted by Arthur Loosley

“What a fistful of memories! I left Brighton in the mid 1950s but have many memories which I am happy to recount and I have started a page of my own here – 1950s Brighton – to which I hope to add from time to time. I only found you quite by chance when surfing the net. One good way of spreading the word might be to encourage visitors to add a link from their own website, if they have one. I have already linked you to mine. Thank you.”

Posted by Alan

“Wonderful trip down memory lane for me on this site. I was a altar boy in the church, and attended the local deaf school. Seeing the pictures of the areas of the church brought it all back. Many thanks, will look on the site more with great interest.”

Posted by Bill Varland USA

“First, please allow me to thank you for getting in touch with my old friend Hamish.  You have a distinct talent for researching and organizing this information from the past that has enormous potential to those of us who live or have lived in the area and who are interested. Even though it was over fifty years ago, here in the USA we are constantly asked where are we from and the answer is always Rottingdean on the south coast of England – “a very special place”.  I just wanted to thank you for your efforts once again.”

Posted Mick Cater Australia

“Thanks for your great site – it helped to refresh my childhood memories… I schooled here in 1955/6, then emigrated to Perth, Australia. Have never been back, but am very keen to now !”

Posted by John Kemp USA

“As the great, great, great grandson of Nathaniel Kemp who built Ovingdean Hall, I found your history fascinating and educational.  Thank you.”

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  • I have only just found this site,was born and bred in Brighton, lived away for many years, but my roots did not go with me, and I still have lots of family still there and I visit about four of five times a year. I cannot drag myself away from the site, there is so much to look at and read. It’s just great, so fascinating, the things you don’t get to know when your young.

    By Joyce Blackman (formerly Bryant) (11/01/2010)

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