A very pretty park

Dyke Road Park

“We used to go to play rounders and have our sports days [in Dyke Road Park]. The chalet was lovely. It was run by a woman called Evelyn and they used to sell icecreams and cakes. There was a park keeper who was a real ogre as far as we were concerned and we used to get told off for riding our bikes round the park but the park was always kept nice and tidy. It was very pretty – a pretty park.”

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  • I can remember playing rounders here too (late 1950s / early 1960s) with children from Stamford Road Primary School. I can also remember the “Parkie” who would clip you round the ear if he caught you in the bushes – where of course we always wanted to play. I can remember the Walls ice-cream square cornets we used to buy from the chalet.

    By Sharon Fuller (21/12/2006)
  • As a pupil at Brighton Grammar, I spent many lunchtimes in the park cafe – known to generations of young reprobates as “the caff”. Generations of masters tried unsuccessfully to put a stop to this custom and it was often subject to raids. I remember the deputy head, I.S. Maclean, describing one such raid: “I had difficulty seeing the card-players through the thick fog of cigarette smoke.” Happy days.

    By Andrew Seear (12/03/2008)
  • Hi Terry: Saw your your message regarding Dyke Road Park. Lola was my mum, I think I remember you. I have lived about 45 miles north of Chicago for the last 18 years All of my children live are married and are over here. My e-mail is rogersturt@sbcglobal.net Send me your phone number and I will give you a call. All the best Roger.

    By Roger Sturt (24/05/2009)
  • I used to be taken to Dyke Road Park with all the other 5-6 year old children from Windlesham, walking hand in hand and avoiding the copious quantities of dog poo, including the old fashioned white poo you never see any more. Alas the park was spoiled forever for me in 1984 when a man was beaten to death in the alleyway through the cafe building one night. I’ve found no other reference to this significant murder anywhere on the internet, hence I thought I’d mention it here.

    By Jon Silver (11/04/2012)
  • I put a comment about the park on here and Roger Sturt commented on it. It is not there now, is there a reason why it has been deleted as it makes Roger’s comment senseless. 

    Editor note: Terry’s comment has been chosen to be made into a standalone page. It will be published soon – look for it in the ‘New Pages’ section.

    By Terry Hyde (10/02/2013)

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