Magic from my mother's bedroom

Preston Park Chalet

“Preston Chalet I could see from my mother’s bedroom when I was small and it was the fascination of seeing it lit up at night. It was so magical and I just think it was so pretty. I also remember, I think it must have been the Festival of Britain, when they had some pageant down at Preston Park. I remember seeing people dressed as Roman soldiers and having chariots and pulling them round Preston Park.”

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  • I love the Preston Park Chalet! I go there all the time with my mates and we get ice creams if it is hot – although we all agree it is a little over priced.

    By Rachel Brott (23/05/2004)
  • I first tasted ice cream here.

    By Raymond Bird (29/09/2004)
  • I remember in the early sixties when a film was being made at the tennis courts with Hayley Mills as a teenage star and the chalet was used as the place where the cast and crew gathered, costumed, ate etc. I spent many days in the park over a number of years of my childhood as my mum managed the Rotunda Cafe at the other end of the park. I knew virtually every inch of the park then, I must have had the biggest playground any kid could wish for every day of my holidays! The park-keepers looked out for me and I knew a lot of the lawn bowlers. I have very happy memories of that park. As I got a little older I was allowed to venture over the road to the Rockery – as long as I did not cross the road alone – I thought that place was magical with all the stepping stones and weeping willows, goldfish and birds.The gardens north of Preston Park had a pet cemetary, a blind garden (every plant was highly scented for the blind to appreciate) and two, or maybe three, enormous rectangular fishponds – I think this was all part of Stanmer House. I know if ever I return to the UK this will be one of the places I would love to re-visit, I only hope it’s the same as I remember. I love this website, just found it this evening and it’s conjured up all sorts of great memories for me, thank you.

    By Barb Rose (South Australia) (30/05/2005)
  • My Aunt & Uncle lived in Grange Close overlooking Preston Park in the 1970s. My memory of childhood holidays is spending hours having adventures in the Rock Gardens and then making a wish on the ‘Fairy House’ in the Park before I went to bed!

    By Pamela Dart (17/10/2006)
  • On the south side of the Chalet, up on the balcony, was the office of the Park Police. For a few years I was “Village Bobby” for the area that included Preston Park and the “Parkies” was always a good tea spot. This fine body of men was headed up by a retired Brighton Borough Police Skipper, who delighted in demonstrating how he used to train his young probationers in the art of “Smoking a crafty fag, under the cape”.

    By Raymond (Dickie) Bird (09/01/2007)
  • You’ve just brought back so many memories. The ‘fairy house’ used to change colours at night and my sister and I used to gaze at it entranced, from our bedroom window. This must have been in the mid seventies.

    By Naomi (07/06/2007)
  • Very special place this park. I was born in Brighton in 1946 and was walked in my pram around the rose garden and pathways of Preston Park by my mother or grandfather. As I grew older I still found it all quite special. The peace of the bowlers, the ice creams at the pavilion, sitting on the grass on sunny days. And, yes, across the road to the Rockery was a great adventure. Getting old enough for my legs to take me from one stepping stone to another by myself, then watching the goldfish swimming in the water. I have been back to Brighton in more recent years but this website makes me yearn for something. Maybe another visit brewing.

    By Sandra (08/12/2008)
  • I had a similar experience, at probably about five or six years of age, seeing the chalet lit up beautifully at night from my parents bedroom window. I lived in Hampstead Road, off the Dyke Road. Aahh, childhood memories.

    By Brian Smith (15/05/2009)

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