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Photos from the 1960s

Churchill Square in the 1960s
Photo from private collection of Len Williams
Visitors admiring the new Churchill Square, 11 June 1969
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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  • Having been born and brought up in Brighton, in many ways I preferred the old Churchill Square to the new one; the new one is pretty much the same boring, insipid type of shopping centre that you see all over the country but the old Churchill Square at least had a bit of character. I used to enjoy climbing the tall concrete statue that was behind BHS!

    By Kevin Latch (07/08/2007)
  • So do I.  The old Churchhill Square was so much better, and the shops were easier to find.

    By Bridget (22/03/2008)
  • I agree. I was gutted to return to Brighton and find Churchill Square gutted. Can’t wait till they tear down the current generic monstrosity and replace it with a heritage replica of the old one.

    By Simon Strong (08/05/2009)
  • A glimpse here of the top floor and roof of the Regent Ballroom – it’s just to the left of the domed building on the corner of North Street and Western Road. Funny really, if asked I would have said it had been knocked down by the time the Churchill Square rotunda pictured here was completed. Is it this photo or my memory that is playing tricks?

    By Chris Taylor (29/05/2009)
  • Well, I always hated the old one and have not seen the new.

    By Edward Castle (13/08/2009)
  • If I remember correctly, in the mid-1970s there was a Barclay’s branch near the entrance to the Square on the left hand side and an HMV store tucked away in the back.

    By Sedat Nemli (30/09/2009)

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