The shops and my cheeky Gran

Shops at the northern end of this busy street, numbers 58, 59 and 60, empty when photographed on 18 May 1974. In fact, two of them had been empty for many years, notably 59, which for many years was Sainsburys. In their original form, they dated from the 1850s. All three were demolished early in 1975.
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

My first 45rpm record

I remember many features of the old street. On the south east corner was Shaw’s Stores, the first supermarket that I can remember.The record shop opposite was where I bought my first 45 r.p.m. record; when I got it home my father sent me back to change it for a proper full size record. De Marcos ice cream parlour was a great place for a cheap cornet which was 3 pennies. Later it took to selling Eldorado ice cream and lost its individuality.

It was a sad day when the old George Street School site became a commercial property, but unfortunately that’s the way of the world.

My cheeky Gran

There were two fishmongers; Coe’s and Blackman’s. I recall my Gran going into Blackman’s; in front of her in the queue a lady called an assistant by his first name. She said to him “What have you got good, under the counter Bob?”. When the lady left, my Gran said to the worker “Bob what have you got under the counter?” He replied, “Do I know you?”.  Of course she had to reply “No”. Bob was obviously impressed because he said to my Gran,  ”You can have something special for your cheek”.

Do you remember?

When did you shop in George Street? Which shops do you remember? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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  • My dad, Harry, was the manager of Dewhurst butchers for many years. I have many good memories of this shop. It had black & white floor tiles and a wooden kiosk for the customers to pay and a big wooden butcher’s block and the lovely smell of sawdust.

    By Stephen Raynsford (20/05/2014)
  • In the 1950s a few of my mates and I used to frequent De-Marcos Ice cream Parlour in George Street, Hove, and also used to have a drink in The Royal George pub. We traveled by bus from Whitehawk. Must have been keen!

    By Harry Atkins (22/05/2014)
  • I’m a 1950s born lad and remember George Street so well. De Marco’s, I remember going in with my mum. J. Sainsbury shop with the wire cheese cutter and girls serving in white overalls with frilly type hats. Harris’ gift and accessory shop, Coe’s the Fishmonger. One of the men serving had a hair lip. The greengrocer I don’t remember the name of. There was a newsagents on the left side as you go up towards Blatchington Road, which I did a paper round from for a few weeks. Got 10 shillings a week! Remember the brown note he used to give me from the till! 

    By Stuart Spagatner (03/05/2015)
  • I worked in Clarkes bakery shop in 1966. I love George Street as it’s unique! I remember the Ballerina with all the motorbikes parked outside in the evening.

    By Jo Farrington (Meissner) (26/04/2019)

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