The Leisure Shop, 36 North Road

Formerly The Leisure Shop, 36 North Road, Brighton
Photo by Debbie Lias
68 North Road - is this where the Leisure Shop moved to?
Photo by Debbie Lias

The Leisure Shop was more or less next door to the Record Album but also used to sell magazines and so wasn’t strictly a record shop.

Because they didn’t tend to turn their stock over very often, my visits were sporadic but I still picked up a few things.

Memory tells me they later moved over the road to where I think the Brighton Sewing Shop is now located at 68 North Road but the Yellow Pages don’t confirm this.

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  • Yes, I used to find a few things in here but I remember it being more sparsley stocked than Record Album. Wasn’t it run by a Mediterranean looking chap, possibly Italian or Greek?

    By Paul Martin (07/05/2009)
  • Yes, Paul. You have a good memory. It definitely was, but I have no idea of his name.

    By John Lias (08/05/2009)

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