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My childhood remembrance

This is a photo of Richmond Buildings as I remember it. It shows the house where I lived with my family, next to Gates & Sons.

According to my brother who is eight years older than me and would have been more aware of what went on during the years that we lived there, a lady called Mary who lived across the other side of the road was murdered. But I didn’t know about that at the time. I wonder if anyone knows more about that murder? I certainly only remember nice things of those days.

Richmond Buildings
From the private collection of Marion Goodwin

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  • What number house did you live in Marion? On the 1881 census number 35 shows up as a Boot Shop, where a John Major lived with his wife Clara Jane and 4 children.

    By Josie Campbell (08/07/2007)
  • We lived at number 29, the attic window shown in the photo was the window of my bedroom that I shared with my older sister. I spent many nights watching out of that window to the house accross the road wondering why the lady who lived there (Mary) had so many husbands and that I never saw her during the day time. I never knew about good time girls then!

    By Marion Goodwin (09/07/2007)
  • How wonderful to see a picture of Richmond Buildings! My late mother lived there as a child and young woman and I have heard so many stories about the place over the years. She was obviously very happy there. She was born in 1908 and her family name was Taylor.

    By Julie Bradley (12/07/2007)
  • I have been researching family history and my children’s great, great, great grandfather lived here for a short time, at number 25.

    By Michelle Waller (04/08/2008)
  • If you look at Areas – Albion Hill – Introduction to Albion Hill, I have identified the Albion Fruit and Vegetable shop as being in Richmond Buildings. Sinden the Undertaker next door is shown as number 1 Richmond Buildings in the 1905 Kelly’s directory, page 925. The Fruit and Vegetable shop was run by my grandmother Alice Maud Parrett, slightly later than 1905. The Albion Pub next to that shop was a different establishment to the Albion Inn on the corner of Jersey Street.

    By Dennis Parrett (27/01/2009)
  • My great grandmother was Mary Chilton (nee Higginson), married to John Wilfred Chilton who was an advertising agent. Their daughter, my paternal grandmother, Mary Gladys Chilton was born at 50 Richmond Buildings on 23 Apr 1894.

    By Rosie Godwin (13/06/2014)
  • My great grandmother Mary Conisbee was born at 45 Richmond Buildings, Brighton in 1851. Her father (my 2x great grandfather) George Conisbee had a butcher’s shop. At some point in the 1850s they moved to 92 Albion Hill. George features in 1854 newspaper reports after whacking his brother William over the head with a meat cleaver during a drunken altercation. William left Brighton by an early train on the day of George’s appearance before the magistrates, to avoid giving evidence against his brother. George and William Conisbee came from a family of butchers near Leatherhead and the family business continues in that area to this day.

    By Michael Byrne (22/09/2020)
  • According to the 1881 census my relatives Lockyer and mother in law Allen were living at 8 Richmond buildings running a toy and sweet shop.

    By NICOLA D WEAVER (12/12/2021)
  • Does anyone have any idea what type of business was Gates & Sons?

    By Stephen Gates (26/05/2023)
  • Hello, Stephen. There’s a good period full-page advertisement for the business in Kelly’s Directory of 1947 (p. 380a) and the firm was still listed — briefly — in Kelly’s 1973, with the address of 32a, Viaduct Road.
    The 1947 advert suggests a substantial business. “For artistic decorations and period painting, spray painting and industrial painting, alterations and conversion of property, shopfronts and fittings of distinction, quality joinery in quantities, all household repairs of every description.
    “Write to or ring up Gates & Sons (Builders – Shopfitters), Ltd., 1, North Road, Brighton, 1 Telephone : Brighton 2137-2138
    “Works : Marlborough Place, Richmond Buildings, Albion Street, Brighton.”
    Going back, the business (under Builders and Contractors) is listed in Brighton & Sussex Trades Directory of 1926-7 (p. 12) with the 1, North Road address.
    Gates & Sons are listed in Towner’s Directory of 1903 (p. 432), again with 1, North Road, but also 64, George Street, Hove … as sign writers.
    I enjoyed looking all this up !

    By Sam Flowers (26/05/2023)
  • Stubbs Sussex Trade Guide entries for 1962 (p. 47) and 1970-1 (p. 68) reveal that Gates & Sons were established way back in 1856.

    By Sam Flowers (27/05/2023)

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