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1939 Education Week

Mystery School

It did not take long for the last mystery school photo, taken from the 1939 Education Week booklet to be solved.

This time I am not going to suggest that this mystery photo will be difficult to solve, I was wrong twice before.

Again, the houses in the background may be of help.  Does anyone know which school and where it is?

Physical Education
From the Education Week booklet owned by Peter Groves

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  • You disappoint me, Peter. I thought you said that the next one was going to be difficult! Lol. Easy-peasy. It’s Moulsecoomb School with Hodshrove Road in the background. (I’ll have egg on my face if I’m wrong, won’t I?)

    By Janet Beal (08/06/2016)
  • Me again just to say that the darker buildings immediately behind the school in the middle of the picture could be the old Hodshrove Farm before it was demolished.

    By Janet Beal (08/06/2016)
  • Well done Janet, if you are correct, (and I suspect you are) but now I promise you, the next one won’t be so easy.

    By Peter Groves (08/06/2016)
  • That is  Hodsrove Road in the background

    By Dean Ball (11/06/2016)
  • Yes, definitely the old Moulsecoomb Junior School playground. In the 60s the class on the left was Mr Gallier’s but the picture looks strange because the actual level of the playground looks higher than it used to be. I take it that the photo pre-dates WW2 as the air raid shelters aren’t there. Any thoughts?

    By Paul Clarkson (11/06/2016)
  • Yes Paul, the booklet was published early in 1939 so the photo is probably 1938.

    By Peter Groves (12/06/2016)
  • Hi Peter, that would explain why the shelters aren’t there then. Are there any other pictures of the school? I went there between 1961 and ’73 and my parents were there during the war. 

    By Paul Clarkson (13/06/2016)
  • Lots more photos to come Paul, various schools around the area, probably some are Moulsecoomb.

    By Peter Groves (13/06/2016)
  • Does anyone remember ‘Ellen Street’ school Hove just off the B2124? I attended that school in 1939-40 before being evacuated to my grandparents in Wales. Sometimes the sirens use to go just as we arrived at school and we could be in the air raid shelter all day. If the all clear had not sounded by the end the school period a teacher would have to take us home. I went back to ‘Ellen Street’ in the 1990s and it was a tyre garage. I wonder if the school was just demolished or was bombed. Can anyone enlighten me please?

    By Sidney Griffiths (25/06/2016)

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