An Edwardian view of Brighton

Going through some photos I inherited from my father, I found some photos of Brighton, which appear to have been taken in Edwardian times. Usefully, these photos were captioned, so I know what buildings and structures they feature.

The photos include the West Pier, the Aquarium, the Bedford Hotel, and, perhaps inevitably, the Pavilion. I hope they will prove of interest.

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  • It is interesting to note the picture must have been taken before the walk above the lower road and the upper road that runs from just after the aquarium to just past the lift at the banjo groin end. Also if I’m not mistaken you can see part of the chain pier cables crossing the lower road, but this could just be something altogether different as I can’t remember when the old pier was blown away.

    By Ken Ross (22/11/2007)
  • The Chain Pier was destroyed in December 1896 and it does indeed look as though there is a cable sloping down across the road, making it an interesting record of the aftermath of the pier’s collapse. The sign on the Aquarium says ‘Farcical comedy…’ so this appears to have been taken when the Aquarium was in use as a cinema, perhaps as early as spring 1897.

    By David Fisher (26/11/2007)

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