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The cat on Lace House

The cat on the wall
Photo by Tony Mould

Is it a jaguar?

At the south end of the Old Steine is a square building, Lace House, which was once a car showroom. About halfway up the building on one corner, is what some people believe is a black jaguar.

It is easily missed

I came across this when following one of the Regency Society’s blue plaque trails and had never noticed it before, for all the times I’d walked through the Old Steine. It is a tiny detail on the side of a building – the story goes that the cars sold when this building was a showroom, were Jaguars. I think it is great that this has survived and hope it does for a long time yet.

I think it’s a cat

However, for me it is a black cat being adventurous. I love cats – they are amazing to live with and to watch, the way they play, move, eat, sleep and generally relate to their environment. While none of mine are quite this adventurous, I never quite know what they will get up to next or where.

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  • Wow, I’ve lived here over 50 years and I’ve never noticed the cat, I’m gonna look out for it now!

    Editor’s note: Tut tut Peter – where have you been? There are already five entries on the site about the cat on the wall, that have been there since Adam was a lad. Please look in the Old Steine section. Now please write 200 lines for not knowing it was there 🙂

    By Peter Groves (29/06/2010)
  • It can’t be anything to do with Jaguar cars as in 1926 the founder Sir William Lyons was making motor cycle side cars under the name of Swallow. When he eventually produced motor cars they were called SS Cars, the Jaguar name wasn’t used by him until after the Second World War ! So a Jaguar car showroom in 1926 is fiction I’m afraid.

    By John Hendrusson (15/07/2021)

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