Brighton General SRNs' Reunion 2011

38 attended the reunion

These are the photographs which were taken at the reunion of those SRNs’ who trained at the BGH held at the East Brighton Golf Club on 7th May 2011 by Bert Williams, (now Bert Williams MBE). There were 38 attending coming from all over the country and Canada, for 8 this was their first reunion, some had not seen their friends for over 40 years and it was a great day.

Nurses home demolished

However there was degree of sadness about the news that the nurses’ home had been demolished, if you have a look at other pages on this site, you will see odd photographs of the hospital and particularly a page showing nurses across the years from about 1938 up to 1970 on the steps of the home.

If you are further interested have a look at the BGH web site

Petition to be organised

Just another thought for you I hope to have a petition on the government petitions web site requesting a debate to ask the RCofN to consider revisiting the training of nurses so that they spend more time on practical nursing than on theory. We used to spend 16% on classroom work, now it is over 50%. No matter how much drugs and treatments  have moved on a patient is still an individual not a condition.

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  • I was born at the Brighton General Hospital: 1963. Which part of the building was the maternity wards? And what is it now?

    By Julie Annets (16/08/2011)
  • The maternity wards were C1 and C3. They were then made more general or recovery wards. But as most of the hospital is now in a closed state with perhaps no real future, not sure what they hold now.

    By Ken Ross (18/08/2011)
  • Hi. I’m trying to find a lady who was a nurse there around 1966 with the surname Shakespeare?

    By Alison Cigerli (27/09/2021)

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