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  • I remember “The Exorcist” being shown at the Astoria, and inside St John’s Ambulance Brigade were walking up and down the aisles stretchering out people who had fainted. I could not believe it even then. I wonder what it would take for a film to have that effect now.

    By David Foster-Smith (20/11/2008)
  • I remember seeing Jaws at the Astoria. I opened the door of the theatre to see an intensely light blue screen with white shapes ‘coming out’ of it. I thought the film had started. In fact it was just the Pearl and Dean advert.

    By Andy Walker (28/06/2009)
  • Mmm. My greatest memory of the Astoria was seeing ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ – my two chums and I, in about 1968 or 9. We came out looking as if we were on some sort of drug, as if we ourselves had been through the star gate! I remember walking across the bottom of Trafalgar street and nearly getting run over by the traffic, we were in an amazing trance. Saw the film 23 times in a row!! P Edwards

    By Paul Edwards (19/10/2009)
  • This was my favourite cinema, it was the sheer size of the place inside that did it for me. It took ages to walk from the back to the front and if you stood and looked around when you were right in the middle, it seemed to go on for ever.

    By Dave Sanders (09/11/2011)
  • Dave Saunders, nicely put. Today’s cinemas are like village halls compared to the Astoria. All those rows of seats, numerous staircases, gangways etc, the whole place was an adventure in itself as a child!.

    By David Scott (24/11/2011)

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