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Coldean County Primary School 1961

Coldean County Primary School 1961

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else in the sea of happy faces of children at Coldean County Primary School in 1961?

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  • Back row L-R Janet Reeves, Bridget Rumsey, Dennis O’Keefe, (not sure) Lynn Darby, Barbara Evans, David ?, Zena, Southern, Peter Ginn, Barbara Perriss, Mr Burrows. Second row from rear L-R Sheila Hanks, (not sure), Marie Mills, Susan Islip, John Oates, Susan Stace, Ann Hogbin, Robert Brand, 2nd row from front L-R Peter Gregson, Christine Gaston, (David ? I think), Gregory Elms, Derrick George, David Holman, Pauline Nicholas, Margaret Laycock, Front Row L-R Diane Woodhead, (Christine?), Lynette Reels, Elaine Burchell (maybe Elaine not certain), Lynn Winder, Brian Cleverly, Norman Ford.

    By Margaret North (10/11/2021)
  • I made an error in my comment above. The boy next to Derrick George should be Gregory Ellis not Gregory Elms. The boy between Christine Gaston and Gregory Ellis, is I think David Osie. Diane Woodhead should I think be Diana Woodhead. I recall that the registers were read with girls separately to the boys. Pauline Nicholas’ name was called last as she was the youngest girl in the class – July 8th.

    By Margaret North (11/11/2021)
  • In the rear row, two boys were unidentified. Possibly the boy 4th from the left (between Keith and Lynn) is I think Martin Piercy. The boy 7th from the left (between Barbara and Zena) is I think Graham Watts. this was the A stream in Coldean Junior school. I know Miss Tugwell was my teacher in the last two years there (1961-1962 & 1962-1963)for 3A and 4A. Mrs Kerridge was my teacher one year in 1A (1959-1960)and I cannot now recall who my form teacher was for the second year when I was in 2A. A swimming pool was introduced to the school I think in my final year. It was fun in the summer term when we were permitted to play on the grass playing fields instead of having to stay in the playground.

    By Margaret North (11/11/2021)
  • Margaret North – You have a good memory, yes Pauline Nicholas was the youngest member of the class and you have her birthday correct. I should know, I married her!

    By Christopher Syms (13/02/2022)

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