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Imogen - School Play 1955/6?

Hi,  I’m ‘Ian (aka Adrian) Curd.  I lived at 153 Hawkhurst Road from 1952 to 1958, when the family followed my father to Gibraltar (he was in the RAF).  I wish my memories of Coldean Infants and Primary schools were clearer but having followed a few threads on here I can say with some certainty that I remember Mr Burrows as the headmaster, Miss Brooks (on piano?) and Miss Rose, who for some reason didn’t seem to like me! 

I also remember Audrey Bowditch, who had been with me at Stanford Road infants before we both moved to Coldean to live.  I recall she was quite an artist, and I have a picture of us playing chess together on the grass outside the school.My neighbours at 153 were Linda Shorter (151), Carol Rutherford (155) and Gillian Glass who lived on Saunders Row (?), and my “best mate” at that time was Keith Jenkins who lived about 50 yards away. 

I was in the church choir at St Mary Magdalene’s for a couple of years.  In those days I went to church about three times on a Sunday and sang at weddings on Saturdays.  

If you recognise yourself or someone else, please post a comment below.

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Imogen School Play
From the personal collection of Adrian Curd

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  • Adrian, we’ve had contact in the past. We used to play together. Have seen this photo before. I contend that the girl sitting between the two boys with tambourines, is Beryl Fairchild. Are you able to confirm or deny? You probably knew her cos she lived in Hawkhurst Road. I still keep in touch with her, after all this time.

    By Brian Bone (12/03/2020)
  • Hi Brian. Just seen your comment. To be honest I don’t remember her, but Hawkhurst Road was (and probably still is) quite long! Hope you are well, and surviving lockdown!

    By 'Ian Curd (25/06/2020)

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