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Class photograph 1954

The ‘babies’ class

This is Mrs Wridley’s (I think that was her name) class of 1954. I know I was at school in 1953 because I received one of the blue coronation glasses and a medallion, neither of which, of course, survived into my adulthood. I’m guessing, therefore, that this is the year up from the ‘babies class’.

Fifty seven years ago

Unfortunately, I am unable to remember many of the names of my fellow pupils but fifty-seven years have passed since the photograph was taken and I haven’t seen most of my classmates since leaving the school. I was born in Milner Road and lived there until I was five years old, but continued at Coombe Road until 1959.

Names I remember

Back row from left to right:  ?;  Sally?;  ?;  Brenda?;  Barbara Miles;  ?;  Mrs. Wridley;  Lorna Le Fèvre;  ?; ?;  Sylvia Farley;  Susan Lower;  ?.

Middle row: not a hope of remembering but I think there’s a Paul Newman in there somewhere.

Bottom row from left to right:  extreme left Sandra Leonard then fourth from right Gloria Webb; ?; Janet Keats(me); ?

If you recognise yourself, or anyone else here, please leave a comment below.

Click on the photograph to open a large version in a new window.

Class 4 of 1954
From the private collection of Janet née Keats

Comments about this page

  • This is very interesting. 23 girls and only 13 boys.

    By Julie Annets (28/06/2011)
  • In a second photograph that I’ve sumitted, which has yet to appear, the number of boys has increased to 15. Maybe they were just off sick when this photograph was taken, although we did have new classmates who would attend for a few months and then leave. Another name has just popped into my mind – Barbara Netting. She is possibly in the back row, fourth from the left.

    By Janet née Keats (08/07/2011)
  • I was quite surprised to recognise myself in this photograph sent in by Janet Keats, I am in the middle row fifth from the right. I believe Trevor Jones is second from the left with Peter Skinner third from the left and Johnny Grimes fourth from the left. Although I don’t recognise many of the girls, I do recognise Susan Lower. I remember Brenda Miles [not a Barbara Miles] and she should be in this photograph somewhere.

    By John Sharp (17/07/2011)
  • I was in the class of Mrs Wridley; I am just in front of her. I can see Jamey James -first from left; 4th in from the right – Peter Hatley. I think Steven Morris 3rd from left, then John Grimes. Happy days.

    By Trevor Peters (03/11/2011)
  • I think that is me third in from the left top row, Virginia Miles.

    By Virginia Pope/ nee Miles (26/03/2012)
  • Are you all coming to our 100th birthday reunion in May? Please get in touch and come along – call on 01273 707878 or contact Janice Dykes on

    By Janice Dykes (22/04/2012)
  • My sister Frances is in the back row far right. I too attended this school. I remember the little canvas beds in infant class, and the curtains being drawn to allow us a little siesta. I also can recall the melody of Greensleeves being played as we entered assembly. To this day it evokes special fond memories of my time at Coombe Road. Does anyone remember us?

    By Carol Boyd nee McCambridge (15/12/2012)
  • My daughter told me about this site and after seeing this, well what good memories we still have between us. I can fill in a few more names. Top row from the left: 4th Barbara Netting? 5th Sylvia ? 7th Lorna Le Ferve? 9th Barbara Wakelin, 10th Sylvia Farley, 11th Susan Lower. The boys’ row from the left: Jimmy James, Trevor Jones, Steve Morris, me, Paul Whiteman? Barry Walters, Trevor Peters, John Sharp, Desmond Smith. Front row from the left: Sandra Leonard, Barbara? Janet Keats, Gillian Webb. I am sure I have some more photos of our school years, I will sort them out and post as soon as I can. Fond memories.

    By John Grimes (04/11/2014)
  • My name is Lesley Giles. I went Coombe Road School in the 70s. I remember you all, we had such a good time together. Wouldn’t it be great to have a class reunion?, let’s get together. I’ll just have a class reunion in my house, that would be great. Get back to me soon, love you all.

    By Lesley (04/09/2018)

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