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Sports Team photographs 1957-1959

Unfortunately not all the photographs had the time line noted on the back, but one football team was noted as the 1958/59 season.

If my memory serves me correctly the other football team photograph was taken at Dyke Road Park, maybe a season earlier by the difference of our appearance and hair style. The other team photographs were obviously taken in the school hall and out-door play area.

If you recognise yourself or anyone else, please leave a comment below.

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Ditchling Road Football Team 1958/59 Season
From the private collection of John Horn
Ditchling Road Football Team 1957/58 Season
From the private collection of John Horn
Ditchling Road Swim Team 1958
From the private collection of John Horn
Ditchling Road Track & Field Team 1957
From the private collection of John Horn

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  • In the 58/59 football team the player holding the ball is John Moore, and back row far left looks very much like Neil Hargreaves. John Moore is again hogging the ball in the 57/58 team.

    By Alan Hobden (08/09/2009)
  • I’ve just recognised two members of the Track and Field team from 1957. The girl in the middle of the third row back is one of the identical Coles twins – either Carol or Susan. In the same row, second from the right is Colin Burtenshaw.

    By Alan Hobden (08/09/2009)
  • In the football team 1957/58 far left kneeling is Trevor Goble, siitting on the football Timothy Marsh. Football team 1958/59 back row 2nd left Trevor Goble, back row last right Timothy Marsh, middle row sitting down Jonathon? Track and field 1957 top right – Trevor Goble, third row left sitting Anne Spence. I had most of these photos in my drawer for years and years, and I had written all of the names on the reverse side when I was their age, as they were all in my class, but do you think I can find them? But I suppose it is a lifetime and thousands of miles away.

    By Sandra Foster (09/09/2009)
  • Some more track and field names (all four Junior School age groups) Jeanette Leishman, Dick Packham, ?, ?, Trevor Goble Michael Stringer, JH, ?, Coles, Marsh, Burtenshaw, ? ?, Gillian Tyler, ?, Andy Radford, ?, Thelma Battersby? Jonathan Brewer, Maggie May, ? Battersby (twins).

    By Michael Dartnell (09/09/2009)
  • Yes of course. 1957 track and field, Michael Stringer third row back, extreme left. My sister fancied him.

    By Alan Hobden (10/09/2009)
  • In the 1957/58 football photo is that Brian Laycock, far left standing and Barry Furlong, far right in the front?

    By Dick Packham (11/11/2010)
  • The swim team is now tinged with some sadness for me as Roger Sweetman, second from right on the back row, lived then in Vere Road and died about ten years ago. Hazel French, third from right, used to live on Sylvan Hall estate, near me in Clyde Road. Sadly, Hazel died suddenly in 2008, (married name Bines).  She was always top of our class year, (with Margaret Carpenter) and had a brilliant educational career.  P.S. Over Christmas, I have just returned to the Downs Infant School to help in the Reception class, as one of my grand-daughters is now a pupil. The wooden “Hut” annexe in Florence Place opposite the Jolly Brewers, has hardly changed since we were there with good old Mr Taylor in 1957/1958.

    By Michael Dartnell (27/12/2013)
  • Message for Michael Dartnell – I’m just catching up with this site. Good to hear you are still around Brighton. When is the next Varndean reunion as I would like to attend?

    By David Kydd (31/08/2015)
  • I have just seen the photo of the Down’s Swimming Team 1957/1958 and wonder who the members were. Any ideas?

    By Wendy Barrett (24/08/2016)
  • John Horn, Are you the John Horn who attended Brighton Technical College in the mid to late 1960’s? Certainly in two of the photos on this page there is someone who I would say is a young you (bear in mind that I only knew you aged about 18 to 20).  If it is you, it would be great to meet up again after all these years.

    By Alan Phillips (07/09/2016)

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