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Hertford road School. 1961 to 68

My wife & I were reminiscing about our experiences at school and this prompted me to google my old schools and was pleasantly surprised to find the various articles, which I have enjoyed reading and learning about the school’s history.
I was a pupil leaving in 1968. I am assuming that I would have started in September 1961 at the age of 4.
I have two photos:
• The first showing 22 very young children. I am assuming that this was taken whilst in the induction year with Mrs Haffenden’s class. I am second from left on front row.
• The second is of a larger class. Miss Baxter who I remember left one July for the summer break to return in September as Mrs Milroy. I am 4th from right on the front row.
I recognise all but can only name some of those in the photo’s.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Hertford Road and have many good memories.

Special memories

• Christmas parties in the hall. Two classes would join together after school for games etc. and a visit by Father Christmas. Preceding this we would spend the afternoon dressing the classroom and rearranging the furniture so as we could eat our party food.
• After school swimming club at St Luke’s. I note several ex-pupils have spoken of this and the bag of chips on the way home. They always seemed to taste better after swimming.
• Annual visit to Mr Fox playground.
• Final year 4 night class camp at Burwash.
• Mr Goddard taking, those who wanted to, on summer days out during the summer holiday. Unfortunately, teachers would not be permitted to do this now without streams of paperwork. But they were great days out.
• Mrs Potter (Pansy Potter) the lead Dinner Lady. All the kids were frightened of her but I recall her being very helpful and considerate to my Mother when she arrived at school to pay for the weeks dinners having just fallen and broken her arm.
• Snowball fights in the playground organized by Mr Hickman.
• Pre-school cricket in the summer term again organized by Mr Hickman.
• Less desirable sessions with Mr Hickman when he tested my reading ability.
I wish all my fellow classmates well as we all turn 65/ 66. Hooray state pension & bus passes arriving shortly!!!
A brief update on me. On leaving Hertford Rd I went to Moulsecoomb Secondary School followed by Brighton Tech & Poly. I moved to Milton Keynes in 78, married in 79, had 2 children by 84 and now have 2 preschool grandchildren. I qualified in Construction and worked most of my life in property & service management. The last 22 years for Abbey National (later Santander) responsible for a group of their Head Office buildings before retiring in 2009.


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  • I went to Hertford Road school from 1942 to 1949 but I don’t recognize anyone in the photos. My dad, Mr. Hickman was headmaster until he retired in 1968 and I remember going to his retirement presentation.
    I also remember having to use the air raid shelters under the school playground during the war.and singing songs like ‘one man went to mow.’
    David Hickman.

    By David Hickman (14/08/2023)

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