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Class photo 1967

This is a class photo taken at St Mark’s C of E Junior School in Arundel Road. I hope it will bring back some fond memories of this much loved school to the pupils in the photos.    

Please forgive the spellings of the names; I can only remember how they sounded. Back row left to right. Ian Clark, Stewart Chalmers, Stephen Rollings, Paul Denyer, Steven Newman, Ross Tyson, Nicholas Verrell, Peter Arnold, Stephen Hall, Steven Tucknott, Oliver Cowl. 2nd row, Sally Cannall, Glynis Powell, Unknown, Unknown, Anne Taylor, Claudia Hewett, Sherley Wingrave, Theresa Eason, Lesley *****?, Karen Norment (from Florida), Gloria Graysmark. 3rd row, Mr Smith,(headmaster), Michael Mountford, John Clark, Tony Arcand (from Canada), Iris Bell, Carol Kelly, Ian huggett, Nicholas Steer, Nicholas Tyson, Unknown, Paul sabbage, Miss Knight. Front row, Michael Brittain, Andrew Macrae, Unknown, Adrian Perry, Mark Hurst.            

Hopefully some past pupils can fill in the unknown spaces or correct some of the names in the line up. I still see some of the people in the photos around Brighton, and I am sure the same Nicholas Tyson is now the curator at the Regency Town House in Brunswick Square.

St Marks School, Class 4 1967.
From the private collection of Sally Huxham

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  • I went St Marks in the 1970s. Is the teacher in the photo Mr Green?

    By Lee Ambler (21/02/2010)
  • The male teacher in the picture is the headmaster Mr Smith. Mr Green was the teacher for class 3; he was a very good teacher and a nice man, well respected by the pupils. He looked like an ex RAF member with an Errol Flynn type moustache and an air of confident poise about him. I can remember being worried about moving up to Miss Knight’s class, because she seemed very strict and full of authority, but she turned out to be a very good teacher too.

    By Michael Brittain (23/02/2010)
  • Mr Green was actually in the RAF and took part in the Battle of Britain. I think the unknown names are Lesley Ward 2nd row, 4th in from the right Claudia Hewitt, and mid front row is David Smart, who I believe drowned within a few years of this photo. Hi Mick how are you - long time no see.

    By michael mountford (25/03/2010)
  • Hello Michael and Michael, It’s been a while. I left England in 1974, joined the Canadian Armed forces, served 30 years with them, visited Brighton about three years back, ran into some guys I went to secondary school with, found this site shortly after wrote a piece on that site too. I never thought I would hear tell of you two again. To Michael Britain, I remember well the times we went to eachothers home for supper, and some of the laughs we used have; at Miss Knight’s frustration, trying to make ourselves fart, I ‘m still chuckling, I seem to remember you were better at it than me. To Michael Mountford, I remember also the times we use to play after school, since you lived on my way home, at the top of Whitehawk. Nice to hear you are both well, Tony Arcand, Calgary, Alberta Canada.

    By Tony Arcand (01/04/2010)
  • Hi Tony. Nice to hear from you. If you are over again sometime maybe we could meet for a beer? Check out my band’s website

    By Michael Mountford (04/05/2010)
  • Hi Michael, what a surprise to see your name on this site. Can you remember me walking with you in the dark, walking along the seafront when it was raining really hard? I have never forgotten you. I have spoken to your brother Andy. I thought it was your Dad, didn’t realise hs your younger brother. I now live in Yorkshire, been up here for 34 years now. I have always wondered if you ever got married and have children. Your music is really good, I have downloaded some of it. My kids think I’m crackers. Anyway, get in touch won’t you.

    By Denise Shops nee Moore (25/06/2010)
  • Hi there Tony and Michael, great to hear from you both. Tony, I do remember having tea at your home in the flats and I do remember you driving me home once on your red flyer cart. If you’re ever around Brighton look me up, I work at the Royal Sussex County Hospital – switchboard will find me. We could go for a beer and rustle up a few farts and just sit there giggling for old time’s sake. Michael, nice to hear from you too; it’s good to see that you are in a band. I remember at school you were into music especially The Beatles; I think you liked John Lennon in particular. It’s hard to believe the photo is 40 odd years old because my mind still thinks I’m in my 20s, mind you my body tells me I’m in my 50s in the morning. I’ve a class of 1965 photo with everybody’s favourite teacher Miss Mawhinney. I’m going to put it on the site soon, but unfortunately I don’t think you two are in it. Still I’m sure you will recognise most of the faces in the photo.

    By Michael Brittain (09/07/2010)
  • Hi Michael and Michael. I’m on the top row third from the end, and one should be Nicky Lidster but can’t remember his face though. In the other picture for 1965 on the top row is Michael Nobbs. I was in Mr Green’s class, he went on to become the headmaster when Mr Smith retired. Do you remember Miss Catlow or Miss Dawling? Good memories.

    By Richard Worrell (30/07/2010)
  • Hi Denise. I still remember you after 40 years – I’m glad you’re OK. I did get married and I’ve got three kids! I’m starting up a new band in a couple of weeks so you and anybody else are welcome to get in touch at  Cheers

    By Michael Mountford (09/02/2011)
  • I started St Mark’s in 1967 and was there to 1976. I did not like it. I always felt very lonely .

    By Julie Annets (25/03/2011)
  • One Life. Any information leading to re-connection with Gloria Graysmark, would be most gratefully received by

    By Gloria Graysmark (17/04/2011)
  • Hi Michael,I’m glad that you got in touch, I cannot believe it has been 40 years since I last seen you. Time does fly. Do you still lived in Brighton or have you moved elsewhere? Nice to hear from you and I am really glad that you remembered me.  Let me know when you have a gig up in Yorkshire – or even in Liverpool.

    By denise shops (15/05/2011)
  • Hi Denise, it’s possible we might be at the Beatles week in Liverpool end of August 2012!

    By michael mountford (17/05/2011)
  • Hi Mike, I do hope you do. I will looked forward to going. Ohh cannot wait I am an avid fan of 60s and 70s and drive my lot up the wall ha ha. I do hope you are well. What happen to your other group? My e-mail is if you want to keep in touch. Do miss Brighton a lot; my family are still down there and I was in brighton last year just before Christmas – a lot of changes. Everything seems different. I took my husband down and showed him round Brighton, but the memories are still there of when I was a young girl ha ha.

    By Denise Shops (17/05/2011)
  • So pleased that my old school photo is being looked at and bringing back memories.

    By Sally Cannell (28/09/2011)
  • Blinkey blimey – these old photos take me back. A bunch of us (Pete Arnold, Steve Newham, Mark Hurst, John Clarke, Paul Sebbage) went onto Varndean – where inevitably we made new friends and drifted apart. Steve Newham – I saw a few times into my teens, and Pete Arnold was part of a wider group of friends until our 20s. My sister, Jo (Joanne) also appears in the 59 photo (that can’t be 59, as she is two years older than me). My brother, Mike (Michael), also went to St Marks and would have been four/two years above me and my sister respectively. I don’t recall the year 1 teacher, but I have Miss Mawhinney as year 2, Mr Green as year 3 and Miss Knight as year 4. So that photo must have been our last year there – given Miss Knight being the teacher in the photo.

    By Steve Tucknott (30/07/2013)
  • Heh – I remember you in the St Marks crowd at Varndean – we were all in the same year. Peanut Arnold – he and I both liked T.Rex, Steve Newham (I thought his surname was Newman) – coolest guy ever and we went to see Hendrix at the Isle of Wight when we were 14, and John “Kiddie” Clarke – the only person I ever had a fight with, much against my will, I add, and we ended up as good mates. Not necessarily happy days, but certainly memorable.

    By Marc Turner (30/07/2013)
  • My Dad was Mr Smith, headmaster until he sadly died in 1976.

    By Sally Vinson (08/04/2018)
  • Hi I’ve just found this page and remember some of the people who posted comments.I was friends with Michele Winter, does any one remember me? I remember Richard Worrell, Paul Cole and his bro, Russell Bliss, Lindsey Eacott, Sarah Verall, Amanda Lane, Adrian Conalea, Micheal Scannell, Dean Hogg, Jackie Lott, June Hocking, Leanora Taylor, sisters Wendy and Jennifer, Jonny and Paula Briffa and many more.I’ll try to find one of my class photos and post.

    By Sharon Barrow (04/06/2018)
  • Hello everyone, I’ve just found this old picture online. Funnily enough I can remember most of the characters on this picture and have happy memories. I remember hanging around with Steven Newham, Pete Arnold, Ross Tyson, Stephen Tucknott and Ross Tyson. I also remember walking home regularly with Paul Sebbage up Wilson Avenue. I’ve retired now and live in the North East, though visit Brighton quite regularly as my parents still live in Saltdean. Thanks for posting the pic!

    By Mark Hirst (27/08/2019)
  • I remember Ian Hugget from
    Fawcett boys and Nicholas Steer: really nice bloke very musical and I would dearly love to meet him if anybody knows his whereabouts.
    Roland Bryce (Patcham Fawcett) Also remember Gloria Graysmark from Overhill Gardens!

    By Roland Bryce (18/09/2019)
  • Hi Roland, I believe Ian Hugget sadly passed away when he was quite young.

    By Michael Brittain (27/03/2020)

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