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Class outing 1948

Class outing 1948
From the private collection of Barry Flahey

This group photograph was taken on a school outing from St Nicolas School, Portslade, to Poynings 1948.

It shows: Doreen Baker, John Collins, Valerie Ayling, Gary Forgham, unknown, Keith Ede, Chris Cotton, Ian Roberts, unknown, Chris Root, John Comber, Fred Mepham, Barry Flahey.

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  • Standing between Gary Forgham and Kenneth Ede I think is actually David Ridehalge.

    By Barry Flahey (20/07/2015)
  • Many thanks to Barry for publishing this. I am not in the photo, but was certainly on the trip. We went from school by charabanc and then walked along the spring line villages from Poynings to Fulking and then to Edburton on a hot summer’s day. As for the people in the photo, I would query the listing for Gary Forgham.  If you look at Gary’s picture in the 1949-50 football team photo you will see little resemblance. Perhaps this is John Daughtry?Then I’m uncertain about who you think is Chris Cotton.  Chris did wear specs, but had a rounder face.  He was always happy and had a cheerful grin. See again the 49-50 football photo.Finally I’m sure that the other bespectacled boy is not Ian Roberts. Ian did not wear specs.  Also he was not in the year group in 1948 and so was probably not on the trip.  If my memory serves me correctly he was promoted a year in 1949 when we went into Miss Hinde’s class, being a very bright lad.  So who is this boy at the front of the picture? Other trips we enjoyed were to Windsor Castle and to Winchester.  I have no photos of these, but perhaps there are some in other contemporaries’ collections.Let’s hope others will visit this site and leave their comments.


    By Tony Betteridge (12/08/2015)
  • Tony is certainly correct.Gary Forgham is of course directly above Valery Ayling. The mystery boy next to Chris Cotton is therefore Donald Tucker. My previous labelling was 
    obviously confusing. In the 1948 photograph Donald Tucker is also the boy with specs at far left . Coincidentally Tony. I also had a brainwave, and the name Marian Godsmark came into my mind after posting the 1948 photo. Looking forward to seeing more photos from you of those wonderful carefree days.

    By Barry Flahey (23/12/2015)
  • My name is Gordon Crowhurst and I was a friend of Barry Flahey when I lived in Trafalgar Road, Barry lived just around the corner. My parents were always arguing and ended up having a divorce so my childhood was a bit topsy turvy. I dont think that I went on any school trips. However since leaving school I joined the Merchant navy, then got called up for national service and after demob I took up engineering until I retired at 65. I am now happily married to the same girl for nearly 60 years and have some amazing grandchildren so life worked out ok. Take care and stay safe. Gordon.

    By Gordon Crowhurst (25/10/2020)

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