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Class of '59

I discovered this wonderful site quite recently and was particularly interested to read all the memory evoking contributions from ex-pupils of Stanford Road Primary School. It inspired me to dig out and contribute my old form photograph. For the life of me I can’t recall whether it was of the third or fourth year. As it is Mr Bevan on the left it seems more likely it was the third year, making it 3A in 1959 (possibly!).

Strangely, just looking at the photo now I found I can recall many more of the names than I had expected.

Anyway here is my attempt to identify the scholars (please note – some maybe totally wrong!):

Back row (on trestle) Jane Peckham – Christine Brittain(Miller) – ? – Raymond Parr – Robert Beinkofsky(?) – ? – Jaqueline Davis

Standing: ? – Barry McCutchen – John Zimmerman (Carpenter) – ? – Graham Cooper – Me – ? – ? – ? – Mick Davis

Sitting: ? – ? – ? – ? – Stephany Ray – ? – ? – ? – ? – ? – Judith Davis

Squatting: (?) Small – (?) Holden – David Reddy – ? – ? – Carol King – Jennifer (?) - Jennifer Mann

If you recognise yourself or can identify anyone else in the photo please repond. It would be good to get the whole class correctly identified!

Click on the image and it will open in a new window.  Click again and get a full-sized image.

Stanford Road Primary School: class of '59
From the private collection of Ken Gray

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  • Stephanie Ray was in the year ahead of me. She left in 1960 for Varndean Girl’s and I went to Varndean Boy’s in 1961. There are familiar faces in this picture but they would be from the school orchestra rather than classmates. Jane Peckham is obvious – she was the daughter of the headmaster and played the cello. There were two Janets one of whom may be here - ’Watkins’ and ‘Waller’ as I remember. Also Elaine Maybe – an unusual name which comes to mind looking at one of the seated girls. I won’t identify which as I am not sure it is a match! I have a similar picture for our year class.

    By David Ward (26/08/2009)
  • I think the boy in the second row 3rd from right is Michael Golby. I also remember Noel Green, but could not pick him out. I know there was a Maltese girl in our class and I think she is in the second row from front in the middle with a white hairband. Can’t remember her name though.

    By Jennifer Lenz (29/09/2009)
  • OK Jennifer – where are you in the photo?

    By Ken Gray (30/09/2009)
  • Jane Peckham was the daughter of the headmaster. She and her father used to catch the same number 12 bus to school. I was in Mr Smithers class for a couple of years – I think I have a photo somewhere of the 1957 class.

    By Paul Gregory (05/10/2009)
  • I believe it was Michael Small, David Holden and Jennifer Lenz is sitting second on the right on the floor, next to Jennifer Mann. Funnily enough, I saw Jacqueline Davis today; although she is my cousin I don’t see her that often.

    By Judith Davis (21/10/2009)
  • Hi Judith – Thanks for the names – Who knows, we may be able to fill all the names in eventually! I remember you and your cousin so well from school – you were the fun one and your cousin, the posh one. Anyone else remembered any more names?

    By Ken Gray (25/10/2009)
  • Did any of you know Miss Gunn? She now lives in my care home Meadowcroft in Shoreham-by-Sea, and will be reaching the grand age of 100 on the 22nd February. I was trying to get some of her past pupils to attend a birthday party on the day at 3pm. Anyone who would remember her and would like to come, please email me on Thank you.

    By Rachel Mohidin (12/01/2010)
  • That is indeed me at the back on the left-hand side. I can half recall some of the others in the ‘photo. I’ll ponder and get back. My mum will probably be able to help me out.

    By Jane Peckham (04/05/2010)
  • Yes, it’s me squatting on the left of the picture!  Wonderful surprise to see a photo of old school mates. I spent a lot of time with Andrew? Reddy and Kenneth Gray as well as Chris Brittain. Happy happy days!

    By Jennifer Fraser-Smith (nee Mann) (20/08/2011)
  • Hi Jennifer Mann. I remember you so well. The brothers David and Andrew Reddy lived in Montpelier Crescent, as did Christine Brittain – We all walked home together. What a cool gang. Best regards.

    By Ken Gray (19/10/2011)
  • That is indeed me standing 3rd from right. I recognise Dave Reddy, who I last saw years ago after he moved to Jersey, John Carpenter (Zimmermann as was) who emigrated to Australia and Bob Bienkowski with whom I was a friend for many years though I haven’t seen him for a while now. I also recognise Mickey Davies as I still have vivid memories of accidentally whacking him on the head with a cricket bat after school. There should be John Humphries and Paul Spalding in there somewhere. John is, I think, on my right.

    By Mick Golby (05/11/2011)
  • Hi Mick – You stirred up a few memories for me. Mickie Davies made an impression on me that has lasted all my life – he jumped on my back on the way home, I fell face first and broke my newly acquired front teeth – had crowns ever since! I was deputy to John Carpenter when he was Head Boy at Fawcett in 1965 – I think he became a policeman eventually.

    By Ken Gray (09/11/2011)
  • Following on from my last post – If you zoom in on me, you can see the gap in my teeth – Wow, thanks Mick 😉

    By Ken Gray (10/11/2011)
  • Hi,I was at Stanford road school around 1955/56 for a little while before moving to the country (framfield).I remember a girl called Jane Packem who I think was the daughter of the headmaster,I have a photo of us both painting which must have been taken around that time,if you read this I would gladly send a copy just e mail address above ,Also my older sister went to the school a little longer than me and remembers a few people from that time ,one name in particular was Jacqueline Dawes,has anybody any news on her as it would be great to mention this to my sister many thanks Geoff Overton (My sister’s name was Christine and we lived at Addison road in Hove)

    By Geoff Overton (23/12/2012)
  • I was at this school but left in year 3. I was born in September 1949 and so was one of the oldest in the class. I remember Robert Mann because he was always just ahead of me, and Mr Smithers was our teacher too. I think I was afraid of him because of his cane (although girls weren’t caned in those days). I don’t think I’m in the picture, so this might have been one year ahead of me.

    By Pamela Kent (28/02/2013)
  • I’ve recently been directed to this photo by Judith Davis who I recently met but we didn’t remember each other from these school years until we got into much deeper conversation. So thanks Judith. I’m Stephen Taylor – first standing left of Mr. Bevan next to Barry McCutchen. I joined when I was nine so only had a couple of years. I don’t remember many except Michael Tyrrell (might not be spelling) whose father was a dentist although I can’t really pick him out in the pic but he might be standing second to last next to Mick Davis.. I also remember Graham Cooper. I like to think I grew into the ears!. Great photo. Thanks.

    By Stephen Taylor (20/11/2021)

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