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Do you remember the 1950s fish and chip shop?

In the late 1950’s I used to go to the Regent Ball Room, and on Saturday nights we would walk home down Church Street.

We used to stop at a fish and chip Shop that was half way down Church Street to get our fish and chip supper.  I remember the fish and chip shop, was next to Dockerells, and on the opposite side of the road was a shell fish shop which I think was called Alanjohns.  I remember that we always had to queue for fish and chips as it was always busy at that time of night.

Has anyone got any memories of this shop, or remembers the name?

Church Street: undated but looks either late 1940s/early 1950s
From a private collection

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  • As an ex telegraph boy messenger from 1946 to 1950, I cannot remember any fish and chip shop in Church St. The nearest one was in Gloucester Road at the end of Kensington Gardens.

    By Viv Webb (12/04/2007)
  • There was a fish and chip shop next to Dockerills opposite Alanjohns. A friend of the family Reg Foster used to run it in the 50s. I used to be a paperboy in the shop next to the Wagon and Horses pub seen in the photo and I lived in Gardner Street and later Regent Street.

    By Alan Maskell (29/03/2009)
  • The fish & chip shop in Church St next to Dockerills was called Shackletons - they also sold a very good meat pie

    By David Etherton (26/08/2009)
  • I was a school friend of Valda Foster,whose father ran the fish and chip shop in the late 50s. They lived above the shop and I was a frequent visitor. We have now lost touch.

    By Christine Allen nee Bridger (16/01/2010)
  • I am the niece of Reg Foster and his wife, Rhoda, who had the fish and chip shop. My brother and I often visited them in their flat above the shop. I don’t remember Valda (could you mean Rhoda?), but a barber and his wife Doris lived with their daughter (Janice ?) opposite, and were friends of my aunt and uncle. I’d love to hear more from Christine and anyone else who remembers anything else about my aunt and uncle.

    By Janet Johnston (08/02/2010)
  • Would anyone happen to remember a Seafare chip shop in Brighton during the 1970s? Was it on the seafront?

    By L (28/07/2016)
  • My husband, who lived in Model Dwellings, Jew Street in the late ’50s and early ’60s, remembers buying “scraps” smothered in salt and vinegar for a penny from said fish and chip shop.

    By Janet Beal (28/07/2016)
  • What street was it in, Jew Street? 

    By L (29/07/2016)
  • Sorry to confuse, L. I was talking about the aforementioned fish & chip shop in Church Street, not the Seafare shop that you asked about in your recent post :) 

    By Janet Beal (30/07/2016)
  • Okay, no problem. So does anyone recall where in Brighton the Seafare chippy was during the 1970s? Thanks

    By L. (24/08/2016)
  • Yes, it was in West Street about halfway down on the left side, coming from The Clock Tower, and my late uncle Bill worked in there when he retired.

    By Nola Wilson (12/07/2017)
  • Re: Seafare, from memory the address was 72 West Street Brighton. I worked there as a fryer from1974-6 after leaving school. The managers at the time where Roy and Carol Richardson and their dog was called Nelson. I think there are some photos in the loft, I’ll put them up if I find them. Great site

    By Roger Gillespie (20/08/2017)
  • The Seafare fish and chip shop in West St was at one time managed by Reg Foster after he moved on from shackletons Church st . I knew the family well . I also knew the gents hairdresser mentioned who lived in Church st opposite . Went to school with Janice their daughter.

    By Alan Maskell (03/10/2020)

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