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Clifton Terrace, Brighton
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Best street for me is (oh dear I may regret this!) Clifton Terrace, up the hill from Western Road near St Nicholas Church.

A really stylish elegant and well laid out street: beautifully maintained, lovely gardens, ironwork, doors, paintwork and shutters, all raised up above the quiet street on a stone plinth.

I always try and take visiting groups up there, it is all so Brighton! Only drawback is that the view south is blighted by Sussex Heights and Chartwell Court.

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  • Manly,New South Wales (formerly New Brighton in 1860s and early 1870s) has a small group of terraces in Addison Road (formerly Clifton Heights) that bear a striking resemblance to Clifton Terrace. Perhaps more than a coincidence as Manly struggled to recreate a Victorian seaside resort in the Antipodes.

    By Terry Metherell (16/11/2004)
  • Ah, right! I’d forgotten about Manly. Any Brightonian visiting this Sydney suburb would notice right away that somebody from the old town got involved in the planning. There is even a pub called ‘The Steine’. I only got a short time there to take it all in, but the Brighton connection was very evident.

    By Alan Knight (16/08/2006)
  • Strange how similar your Clifton Terrace, Heights etc are to the City of Bristol’s Clifton/Clifton Village (near Brunel’s famous bridge (wealthy districts sprung up mainly from slavery). Our Montpelier district (where I live) is a mix of Georgian/Victorian, but most houses are so individual on every road – a cottage next to a 5-storey Georgian property. Unlike Brighton, hardly any district has not been ‘graffitied’ (although most of our Clifton appears to have escaped) – but the infamous/wealthy Bristolian graffiti artist, Banksy, has left his mark around the City, and has many copycats!

    By Birbeck (28/02/2007)

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