Worst of Brighton and Hove

Here are some of the streets, shops, parks and - well, anything at all! - that Brighton people have picked out for us as the 'worst'.  Do you have any to add?

Page link: Beach
A beach should have sand!
Page link: Brighton Marina
Brighton Marina
An opportunity squandered
Page link: Eastern Road
Eastern Road
A not untypical case of misplaced planning
Page link: King's Road Arches
King's Road Arches
Smelly and dirty
Page link: Kingsway Court
Kingsway Court
Brighton's ugliest building?
Page link: Litter
It's just a huge rubbish dump
Page link: London Road
London Road
An unpleasant obstacle course
Page link: North Street, Brighton
North Street, Brighton
What a disappointment for visitors!
Page link: Pool Valley
Pool Valley
What a welcome!
Page link: West Street
West Street
Catering for the meatheads