St. Luke's Junior School - 1947/48

St. Lukes Junior School in the late 1940's
From a private collection

I think this was the occasion of either a music festival in some part of the Royal Pavilion and Dome complex, or St. Lukes’ contribution to a mass Brighton Schools choir, celebrating what? – I don’t remember!

Names run left to right

Back row: Terry Webb, John Padfield, John Browning, Michael Taylor, Andrea Murray, Mr Emmons, Yvonne Catt ?, pupil A, John Bignall, Brian Matthews, Denise Bignall ? or Maureen Durrell?.

Middle row: Diana Hayman, Heather Beard, pupil B, Gwen Cole, Alan Prior, Harold Haspby, Pamela Taylor, Carolyn Howard, Brenda Blackman, Eileen Price.

Front row: pupil C, pupil D, pupil E, pupil F, Pupil G, Michael Tribe ?, Rodney Wheeler, Douglas Brewer, pupil H, Richard Clarke, George Hearn.

Can you help?

I hope that many are still around and recognise themselves from some seventy years ago, as all in the picture will now be in the 80 to 82 age group – and also that any sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces or nephews might recognise a family name. Any clarification of the actual date and event would be most welcome, together with names of the unnamed pupils ‘A to H’, and any corrections to already placed names.  I’ll apologise in advance for any glaring errors.

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  • I think this may have been for a performance of Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten. Each school was given a different part to rehearse and we all come together at the Dome for the complete performance.

    By Penny Taylor (03/11/2019)
  • My name is David Pierce, now almost 82. I was at St Lukes Junior School from 1947 to 1948. I was in Mr Tampkin’s class 3A and then downgraded to Mr (Fatty)Evans in 4B. I lived in Southover Street and later in Queens Park Road, corner of St Lukes Terrace.
    Miss Edgel was head teacher.
    I remember many of the children. Harold Hasby was in the choir at St Peters Church and often asked to sing to the school but generally refused because he said that “he had a frog in his throat”. Alan Prior used to dress in a fancy blazer with straw boater hat and stick and was a good singer. He lived in Freshfield Road. Front row 3rd from right is Gordon Brooks, his father was manager at Henekeys pub in Ship Street and was considered quite posh, he was probably my best pal. He lived in George Street Brighton. John Bignel lived in Queens Park Road. I also remember George Hearn. Douglas Brewer joined me at the Building School and later became a Methodist Minister.
    I still live in Brighton and would love to hear from any survivors!

    By David Pierce (11/11/2019)

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