Memories of a prefect in the 1930s

Entrance to the St. Luke's Senior Boys School
Photo by Robert Green

This photo shows what was once the entrance to the St. Luke’s Senior Boys School. During the last year at that school, at the age of thirteen, I was a prefect, and one of my duties was to ring the school bell in the tower shown, to warn students that they should be inside the gate in a few minutes. I could see St Luke’s Terrace and the gate from the window on the ringing platform, and when one of my friends was late I would prolong ringing the bell until he was safely inside.

Moved to Brighton in 1928
I was born in Birmingham, England, in 1922, so am nearly 82 years old. In 1928, when I was six, my mother moved to Brighton and we lived in the council houses in Firle Road, near the top of Freshfield Road. My father was a tram conductor, then a tram driver, then a trolley bus driver. My mother was a waitress in the Silver Grill, in West Street. My mother and father stayed in Firle Road until after my father died. In about 1990, when the Council decided to refurbish the house, mother moved to a nearby council house in Freshfield Road.

Memories in a QueenSpark book
Reading the QueenSpark book “School Reports,” on St Luke’s School, reminded me of many things that happened, and I remembered Charles Godfree, Mr Pollard, and Mr Raisbeck, the headmaster at that time. I also remember Ronald Satterley, mentioned on page 44, who was in my class and left school with me at the end of 1937. He lived in Whichelo Place, about the second street on the right down Islingword Road from Queens Park Road, I remember.

Some of my old school chums
Unfortunately, I don’t remember many names of my boyhood friends. A few were Inkpen, Goad, Mason, Cushnie, Whiting, Maynard. I don’t clearly remember the names of any of the other boys in my class at St. Luke’s, though I believe I would recognise them if reminded.

Joined the RAF in WWII
When the war started in 1939, I was working as a welder, and the labour exchange sent me to work in Camden Town, London, making parts for bomber aeroplanes. Later I was able to join the RAF and was trained as a Flight Engineer.

Still many fond memories of Brighton
After the war I worked as a photographer for the Machinery Publishing Co. in a large modern (then) building on the corner of Regency Road, in West Street. I was active in the Brighton Excelsior Cycling Club, and married one of the members, Stella Smith. We were forced to move to Wembley because my job required it, then to Wallington, but we did not lose losing interest in Brighton, where both our parents still lived. We are both now retired and frequently visit Brighton, of which we have many fond memories.

Comments about this page

  • My father, Alfred George Goad, was probably the Goad referred to in this article. He now lives in Australia and is keen to make contact with Robert re schooldays and memories.

    By Carol A. Jarvis (06/09/2004)
  • I was very interested in Mr. Green’s comments although I did not go to St Lukes. I was three years younger than Mr. Green and was always impressed with the quality of the soccer played in the playground. I used to observe it from the railings in St. Lukes Terrace when I was walking home to where I lived on Freshfield Road between St. Lukes Terrace and Queens Park Terrace. I distinctly remember the goals on the playground wall being in the form of a large arc. I knew a young lady who lived in Whichelo Place by the name of Satterley. Would Mr. Green know of the Colebys, who I believe both went to the school?

    By Eric Feast (15/10/2004)
  • I went to St Luke’s 1945 to 1950: headmaster Mr Mills, teachers Mr Webb, Mr Long, Mr Siverthorne. Would like to here from any school mates – anybody remember the old air-raid shelter in middle of playgroud?

    By Ray Barontini (08/11/2004)
  • I found the reports of St Luke’s School, which I remember well for just one feature: the indoor swimming pool, most interesting. From 1941 to 1945 I was at St Mark’s School, Black Rock, except for the period following bomb damage to St Mark’s. School visits to St Luke’s pool, mostly in winter terms, brought my first swimming strokes (hardly lessons)when aged about 6 or 7. The pool atmosphere, when full of children, became very steamy and my memory is of a descending series of terrace-like steps to the water level. I would love to hear from anyone who could confirm or correct this.

    By John Sullivan (17/11/2004)
  • My mother went to St Luke’s School around 1913. She is still alive and is 96 years old. We live in Brisbane Australia now. I went to St Mark’s School in 1937.

    By Pam Patchen (nee Smith) (26/12/2004)
  • The best thing I can remember about St Lukes is the swimming pool. It had warm water, heaven. The other is St. John Ambulance; I was a cadet member of the Brighton Division and we used the scool hall on Wednesdays for band practise and Thursdays for first aid training. The adult division used it on a Monday.

    By R H Scott-Spencer (26/01/2005)
  • In reply to the comment from Carol A Jarvis who said her father is now living in Australia: you might want to communicate with me, I would be happy to correspond but I need an address to write to.

    By Robert (Bob) Green (11/03/2005)
  • My father went to St Luke’s. His name is William Hale (Bill). He is 83 years old. He and the Masons were always getting into trouble. I and all my siblings also went there (my Mum had nine children). The weird thing is I now work there. Maybe I am biased but I love being there.

    By Pat Cady (28/06/2005)
  • Is St Luke’s School haunted – with the red lady and the blue boy and the green lady? I go to this school and every one is talking about ghosts and I want to find out if its true or not.

    By Rebecca (28/11/2005)
  • I was surprised to find no mention of the annual past pupils reunion for those who went to St Luke’s School. It was great going back and although I haven’t managed to meet with too many old school friends, it was lovely to see things through adult eyes. Most moving was the memorial to those old boys who died in the First World War. It’s beautifully painted and the words of the commemoration are very moving. However it’s in desperate need of conservation and needs financial support from past pupils to save it for future generations. If you want to be involved contact the school.

    By Jeanette Eason (01/02/2006)
  • Learned to swim in the pool at St Luke’s. Still have my certificates for ten and twenty yards. It was about 1936. Happy days.

    By Ken Watkins (05/06/2006)
  • Just went to the annual renunion – and discovered that they are in desperate need of raising 30,000 to restore the mural (dedicated to the heros of 1914-18 war) – if you are interested in donating please contact me:

    By Michael (10/07/2006)
  • I was at the school in the late 1960s. Mr Dunkerley was Head, and Mr Trederea was our football teacher. I still have a photo of our school team including Micky Mack, Neil Kenyon, Rod Barden and many other very good players.

    By Paul Hubbard (20/10/2006)
  • I went to St Lukes skool for all of the the years except year 6. I had Mr Guildford for a headmaster and frankly I really didnt like him and he didnt like me. Then in year 6 he retired and Mr Cooper came. From that day on St Lukes changed.

    By sam furneaux (08/11/2006)
  • I go to St Luke’s and people say it’s hanunted by the green lady, the red lady, and blue boy. Is it true ?

    By kyia taylor (30/12/2006)
  • Is it true that someone got hung in the bell tower with a yellow scarf?

    By Somma Groves (12/01/2007)
  • I went to St Lukes School in the early sixties. First the infants then the juniors.
    Miss Mason was the headmistress in the infants and i can remenber being in Mrs Dyers class. Mr Dunkerley was the headmaster when i was in the juniors. I can remember being in Mrs Morgans class then Miss Girling and Mr Daffins class and Mrs Taylor. other teachers I can remember were Miss Crowley, she always had a dog with her, and Miss Holford. Miss Beaujard  was a french teacher, Mrs Emery was the school secretary.
    Once a week a bus would arrive and take us out to Woolards Park in Moulscoombe to do athlectics and sports days at Withdean Stadium. I  remember Linda Edge and Phil Scarfield were head boy and head girl. Those were the days.

    By Janet Howell (nee Vane) (06/02/2007)
  • I remember Alfie Goad, he lived next door to me in Pankhurst Avenue. He used to be my dance partner at school.

    By Eva Cheeseman (01/04/2007)
  • I am 84 years old – went to St.Lukes Juniors & Infants from 1927 till I went to Varndean. The Misses Winkworth and Atherton were teachers in the Infants and I believe Miss Dutton Briant was headteacher at the Juniors. I do remember the names of some of my fellow pupils – Ron Campbell, Les Hardy Dennis Bliss, Alan Weeks Ena Spalding, Joyce Rogers, Audrey Warren and more. Is a bell ringing to anyone out there? Be great to know. I am aware of my old friend Alan.

    By Peter Clark (15/05/2007)
  • I was interested in Robert Green’s story of his activities as a prefect at St. Lukes Senior Boys School and the accompanying photograph showing the entrance. I was a prefect taking the names of pupils arriving after the school bell had stopped ringing. It was then the entrance to the Junior School which would have been at a time between 1929 and 1934. Is the title of the photograph inaccurate ?

    By E. Peter Clark (25/05/2007)
  • I would like to comment on the note from Peter Clark, about the entrance to St Luke’s Senior Boys School photo, which I took some years after I left the school. At the end of 1936, when I left, the upper part of the building was still the Senior Boys School, and the entrance to the Junior school, which I also attended, was then at the left side of the school. I failed the 11-plus so did not go to Varndean but moved up into the Senior Boys School instead. Thus I avoided the two-mile journey to Hollingbury twice a day. Changes to the St Luke’s school arrangements must have been made soon after 1936. Dennis Bliss lived two doors down from me at number 3 Firle Road, with his older brothers Kenneth (who worked in the town hall), Ronald (worked as a forester), and younger brother Gordon. Between us and the Bliss family was the Warrens, of whom Billy was my friend, and we often played “footer” with the Blisses up on the Racehill. I don’t remember an Audrey in that family, but wasn’t much interested in girls at that time. Above us, next to the twitten down to Glynde Road, lived the Lower family, who also had at least two sons, and Dennis Lower was in the class a year behind mine. When the horse races were on, our classes were let out early, so that we could get home before the crowds started to pour down Freshfield Road and Elm Grove, but we “older” boys would usually run up to the race course to see the last race. If Kenneth Chambers or Alfie Goad, mentioned by Carol Jarvis, would like to get in touch I’d be pleased to hear from them. I haven’t found instructions for making contact on this website, and I’d value any suggestions on how to do this. I now live in New Jersey and will be 85 in November, but I remember St Luke’s clearly and fondly.

    Editor’s note: Due to the Data Protection Act in the UK we cannot add your e-mail address unless you include it in the body of your message. Hope you manage to organise some contacts.

    By Robert Green (29/06/2007)
  • I worked at St. Luke’s for 38 years in the Junior Department and I organise the annual reunion for past pupils. This usually takes place in July. Anyone wishing to come along, please contact me via the school, and I will send you an invitation and details.   As previous contributors have mentioned, we have been asking for donations to raise the £30,000 needed for the restoration of the mural. We have now reached the £29,000 point and so have decided to go ahead anyway.  The work is due to start this August (2007) and we hope to have the unveiling in November.  There should be a report on Meridian TV nearer the time. Unfortunately we still need donations for its future upkeep, but we hope to achieve this.

    During the holidays I used to spend time working around the school – often the only person there, and I never saw or heard a ghost! However, these stories, told by children to put the frighteners on the younger ones, have existed ever since I’ve been at St. Luke’s, including the one about the Head Master!

    By Pat Holford (01/08/2007)
  • Oh my I remember Mrs Holford! Se was always known as the strict one but I always remembered that I really liked you becasue you gave me a certifcate, one of the yellow ones for being mature or something, and in lesson you always you said I remember St. Luke. Good memories. I’m in year 10 now and it’s wierd how many memories I have of St. Lukes. Still I wonder if I’ll be going to a St. Lukes reunion in 50 years time!

    By Naomi (13/11/2007)
  • Naomi…never had Mrs Holford as a teacher, but who was the French teacher who threatened kids with the slipper that he kept in the cupboard? I remember teachers from both Infants and Juniors…Mr Perkins (he drove a really rubbish car), Mrs Girling, Mrs Bell, Mrs Dodds, Mrs Miller (had a thing about her!). Mr Guildford taught both me and my older brother Larry. Remember he always wore blue flared trousers, blue ‘combat-style’ jumper’. Think he had a rubbish car n’all! Mr Arnold had his VW campervan…nice chap. I still think about the set up of the school. Last went in there end of 1980 with some of the kids who left earlier that year. Anyone remember Mrs Wickham in the office? Brings a lump to my throat when I think of this place. Such happy memories, and some great times as a kid. The smaller junior playground looks too different now, which I think is a shame. Nevermind, that’s progress for you. Gotta get to the next reunion…can’t pass another year without doing it!

    By Darren Stuart (formerly Rushin) (16/11/2007)
  • The next St. Luke’s reunion will be on Friday, July 4th 2008 at 11 am in the Top Hall.  I will be sending out letters of invitation to all those on my database. If you haven’t attended a reunion before, then you probably won’t receive a letter, so please contact the Junior School. The telephone number is 01273 675080, and your name and number / address will be passed on to me.  Thank you.

    By Pat Holford (21/03/2008)
  • The French teacher was called Mr Duke and as I remember the slipper was called Cescil! I met her a few times! I remember Mr Guildford, his teaching style was very different to most teachers and I remember him bringing in the Setting Sons LP by The Jam and telling us all about it! I have very fond memories of that school and the people I went there with.

    By Jamie Creighton (15/04/2008)
  • Disappointed to see the next reunion is in the morning! Sorry, but I work for a living. Someone tell me why it’s not an evening meet, please?

    By Darren Stuart (27/05/2008)
  • Don’t remember Ron bringing in ‘Setting Sons’ but I do remember his Cliff Richard and Status Quo vinyl. Also remember me, Peter Ockenden et al ‘miming and performing’ to Rainbow (the band, not the kiddy programme!) ‘I Surrender’, I think.

    By Darren Stuart (27/05/2008)
  • I would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me or the years between 1933 and 1936, when I was in the Senior Boys School at St Luke’s. My email address is, and I live in New Jersey, USA. My wife Stella (nee Smith) and I are planning to visit Brighton in April next year (2009) and we would be pleased to hear from any of our school friends, with a view to meeting then. Please send us a message.

    By Robert E (bob) Green (01/06/2008)
  • A message for Darren Stuart:  Sorry that we don’t hold reunions in the evening. We like to involve the children, so it’s easier to organise in the day time. Also many of our more elderly past pupils are able to attend during the day as some have to travel quite a distance.

    By Pat Holford (19/06/2008)
  • Oh what a shame – I saw the date of this year’s reunion was yesterday – I missed it! I will dig out my class photo to scan and submit as soon as I have a chance. I attended till 1977 – and was the Jubilee queen. I have very fond memories- especially of singing on the bus on the way to Waterhall to play cricket in the summers! “My father’s a lavatory cleaner, he works every night until six, and when he gets home in the evening, he smells of the smell of the… shine up your buttons with brass rub, it’s only three ha’pennce a tin, you buy it, or nick it from Woolworths, but I doubt that they’ve got any in

    By Tracey Evans (nee Martin) (05/07/2008)
  • Fair enough Pat. Shame, but it would have been nice to go back in after 28 years. Still very vivid to me. And to see the old teachers, and class mates. Never mind. Perhaps I’ll get the chance next time.

    By Darren Stuart (08/07/2008)
  • Message for Mrs Holford; I attended from 94 through to 2001 I have a very good memory of you. being the strict teacher you sent me to Mr. Guilfords Office enough times. When is the next reunion and will all my old teachers be there Mrs ashdown, Mr bullen, Mr starky etc be there? It would be great to see them all again and you of course. And I was told that ghost story by one of the dinner ladies – scared me into being good for a few days. One last thing, why weren’t we aloud into the toilets on the top floor of the school? It always baffled me seeing as I went into there once and it seemed completely fine.

    By Ashley Phillips/Heath (27/11/2008)
  • I saw a comment from Ray Barontini about St Lukes senior boys school. I attended the school at the same time he did(1945-1949). I remember his name and I think we lived on the same street (Quebec St), or I knew him from the Boys Brigade (6th Brighton), or both. I also lived in Queen’s Park Rd during this time. Yes I remember the air raid shelter under the playground. They fell into a bad
    condition after the war, and we were always sent to find younger boys lost in there. The only bell I heard was a large hand bell wrung in the hallway at change of classes.
    I think Mr Diamond was head, Mr Mills after him. Mr Silverman(Science) Mrs Monger (Music).
    If you have contact with Ray, please give him my E.mail

    By Henry (John) Stenhouse (20/01/2009)
  • I remember the juniors too…Miss Edgell? as headmistress; Mr Starling in georgraphy and of course, the indoor swimming pool where I got my 10 yard certificate! Also the air raid shelter in the playground.I  always wondered what was down there. As for the ghosts? Nothing there…just a beautiful old building with plenty of character and stories to tell!

    By Andrew Fowler (21/05/2009)
  • Re Pat Holford.
    I have some lovely memories of Miss Holford organising the annual show for the Dome, and making all the costumes for us. Half a Sixpence, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I also remember Mr Bentham playing the piano for us. There is a photo on my Facebook page of the Half a Sixpence troupe for those who are interested. I left St Lukes in 1969 taking lots of happy memories with me. I would love to attend a reunion but as I live in Germany now it’s rather difficult.

    By Edwina Zander nee Turner (08/06/2009)
  • Anybody out there remember Bert Baker? He lived at 58 Cobden Rd and attended St Lukes School. He was by all accounts a pretty useful football player. Would like to hear from anybody who has any info.

    By Ron Baker (19/05/2010)
  • Does anyone remember Henry John Ewer, who attended St Lukes from 1911 – 1915? He was my husband’s father and we know very little about him. If anyone has any school photos from this period we would be very interested to see them as we don’t have a picture of him at all. Thank you.

    By Kate Masheder (27/09/2010)
  • Does anybody remember my dad Brian Allan Whapham from St Luke’s Seniors? He used to live in Bonchurch Road. He went to St Luke’s in 1946 or 1947. He is 74 now.

    By allison mahoney (21/12/2010)
  • I went to st Lukes in 1939 for one yea.r I played truant quite often hiding in Queens Park until the children finished school and then going home I was in deep trouble when my mother found out. I blame Grooms the bakers who were in Sutherland Road. We lived at 16 Sutherland Road then, horse and cart deliveries in those days and I loved them. I used try and cadge a ride on the cart it used to work sometimes and I felt on top of the world- I was only 6 at the time, happy days though.

    By Garry Lockwood (22/01/2011)
  • Gary, my grandad Percy Dabson (who lived in Rochester St) drove a Groom’s horse and cart delivering bread around that time. He was a kindly soul who would have let a lad cadge a lift – so who knows. I went to St Lukes infants and juniors from 1959 – have never been back, but hoping to make the reunion this year in July.

    By Tina Mitchell (nee Laycock) (13/05/2011)
  • In response to Kate Masheder’s post of 27/09/10, I can say that my mother Florence Chate was born in 1904, the same year as Henry John Ewer. She also attended St Luke’s and it’s likely that they were in the same class. She lived in Southover Street. Unfortunately we have no photographs of that time and my mother passed away in 1996.

    By Tony Betteridge (07/07/2011)
  • Tina, I remember you. We both lived in Rochester Street at the same time. My name was Levett then. Our nans were friends. If I remember correctly your mum’s name was Eileen? Am I right in thinking that you lived at no. 39? Hope you are well.

    By Maureen Howell (18/08/2011)
  • Tony, I only just found your message. Thank you for your response re- Henry John Ewer. I was very interested to hear about your mother; in 1911 Henry was living at 8 Hampden Road, which was very close to Southover Street. Hopefully we’ll find a photo of him one day – there must be one somewhere!

    By Kate Masheder (05/10/2011)
  • Hi Bob Green, showed my father-in-law this site,talking about football at St Lukes etc. He remembered you and his best mate was one of the lower. Sorry to say Len cannot remember to many names, but your comments jolted his memory about the fighting with the Whitehawk lads and playing football at the old Goldstone ground. Have a look at regencysociety-jamesgray web page for many early picture of Brighton. All the best, Len Early.

    By Len Early (08/01/2012)
  • It is a great website but wish there could be more phone numbers. The internet is a terrific thing but we are not teenagers!

    By Colin Hogbin (17/07/2012)
  • Does anyone know if there is an archive of photos of the different years classes? I was there between 65 and 67 or there abouts. Any tips would be very welcome.

    By Corin Arnold (22/09/2012)
  • Corin if you could make it to a reunion there are loads of class photos – and wonderful memories!

    By Tina Mitchell (nee Laycock) (03/01/2013)
  • I went to St Lukes from 94-2001. My teachers were Mrs Marshall. Mrs Dellahunt. Mr Bullen and Mrs Holford. I went to school with Ashley Phillips. I do remember Ashley he was a cheeky kid. Everyone use to think Mrs Holford was really strict but I really liked her.

    By Khaled Aziz (16/05/2014)
  • I never went to St Luke’s school, but my grandfather did; he is named in the War memorial in the hall H.F.BRIGGS. He was one of the first pupils at the school (I’d like to thank all the kind people who restored the painting). I’m going to the reunion this year, 2014, as honourary guest representing Fred. I have visited his grave in France and researched his life. I hope I can talk with some who is interested in the memorial. Thank you

    By Roy Scarborough (28/05/2014)
  • I have many happy memories teaching at St Luke’s Middle School.  I joined the school straight from college and made a lot of mistakes as a young teacher just starting out. Thanks to colleagues like Pat Holford, Mollie Taylor, Ron Guillford etc I was able to learn a lot – more than anything, that teachers genuinely care for the children they teach. I used to run a folk singing group there and organised annual residential visits to France for the older children. I went on to become father to four sons and taught in a small village school up county before becoming a headteacher in Lincolnshire. I remember lively, happy children at St Luke’s and would like to send my very best wishes to them all – I won’t forget them. Forgive my mistakes and remember the happy times!

    By Jeff Duke (08/06/2014)
  • I attended St Lukes school from 1977 until 1984/5?. I remember Mr Guildford, although I wasn’t in his class and Pat Holford also rings bells. My teacher was also the PE teacher too but his name escapes me. I remember the French teacher Mr Arnold – he was such a nice teacher.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from those days. I’m still in touch with Jeanette Groombridge. Would love to hear from my old best mate who I lost contact with when he moved to Stanley Deason and I was forced to attend Falmer High school in around 1984/5 – Samuel (Sam) Doulton. I remember him having two older brothers and they lived with their mum in South Avenue. I have many happy memories from their house . Also Tim Saunders, Mark Ford and Daniel McLeave .

    if anyone has any memories from this era and knows of or re bees me please get in touch !

    By Paul Parsons (16/10/2014)
  • Hi Mr Duke: i remember going on one of your French trips. If I recall correctly i think we stayed at the Hotel Ker Louis? It would have been 1979.

    By Jamie Creighton (28/11/2014)
  • Hi Jamie, what an excellent memory! Yes, it would have been 1979. I have good memories of those annual visits across the Channel. Good to hear from you. Best wishes

    By Jeff Duke (18/12/2014)
  • Thought I would let you know that my friend started the reunions at St. Luke’s school. She would love to have more past pupils (especially men) to be on the register. There are coffee mornings as well from time to time held at the Royal Albion hotel in Brighton. For more information please contact: Mrs. Doreen Corbett. Doreen was at the school from 1937 – 1943. She is aged 83. She would be so pleased to hear from you! (Sylvia, please can you confirm that Doreen would like her telephone number published. It will mean that anyone could call. Just want to make sure she is aware of that. Cheers, editing team)

    By Sylvia Pickett (02/07/2015)
  • So lovely reading these comments – I was at St Luke’s from 65-74 (both Infants and Juniors). Miss Mason was the headmistress in the Infants school and my mum was the school secretary. Mr Dunkerley was headmaster in the Juniors and the school secretary was Mrs Wickham (Claire’s mum). I also remember Messrs Holford, Taylor, Beauchamps and the sports teacher who would put us on the bus out to the sports arena – I always remember he wrote ‘1st’ on my hand for the 100 yard race one year and I came last!  Great times in the music class with Miss Taylor (I think) and the shows at the Dome: Half a Sixpence (my brother David Tester), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (both my sister Janette and myself), Quicker Than Walking (again Jan and myself) – there were a few more but I can’t quite remember. Would be great to hear from anybody or see any pics from the time I was there.

    By Ann Tester (18/11/2015)
  • Colin Hogbin – well, well, I have at last been able to recognise a name from my class. Sorry Colin you’re not PC wise, but you could certainly throw the cricket ball at our school inter-house sports, I always came second to you. I played football in the third eleven and second eleven, and finally the first eleven. If you played football for the school you were always respected, never got bullied, although the first day at the seniors wasn’t a great day for the new comers.
    Colin, one event you might remember – we were in Mr Ramsbottom’s class 1A, a lad from Canada joined our class and his accent didn’t go down very well with the class. Well, after school one day he and another lad from the first year got into a fight outside the school gates, in Queens Park Rise. Eventually the whole school was milling around this fight and some old lady from one of the houses there tried to stop it with her broom. Well she got knocked over during this fight, and I then left quite quickly. The following day at Assembly Flapper Mills bought all the first years to the front, and one by one he administered 6 on the backside of all us, in front of the school, whether you were at the fight or not. (Rough Justice for some).
    Colin, I hope you are well as your entry was 4 years ago, so if you like to contact me, or anyone else from our class, my number is 07950033276, I will be back in the UK by the 5th October. And for all those who are cyber aware my email address is  Best wishes

    By Raymond Stoner (10/09/2016)
  • Just come across this page with my grandad, Colin John Trott, who attended the school. He was born in April 1934. I know not many people have been on here in recent years but if you think you remember my Gramps, please get in touch he would love to hear from anyone that may have known him so please email me

    By Colin Trott (23/10/2016)

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