A fun day out on Brighton beach, June 1930

These images of people enjoying themselves on Brighton beach were sent to the website by Lesley Mouncer. Her grandfather, Reg Lewis, worked for Hattons, one of the private companies that controlled sections of the beach in Brighton in the 20’s and 30’s.

So far as she is aware, the photos were taken on the 5th June, 1930, when her grandfather was 22. One of the girls jumping into the water is Lesley Mouncer’s grandmother.

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  • I live in Canada but have visited Brighton many times to see my relatives. My grandfather was Chris Hatton who was a private operator on the beach.

    By Jacqueline (14/12/2003)
  • Lovely photos! Must have been quite a good camera for its day to get that action shot of them jumping.

    By Jan (03/08/2004)
  • The caption should say ‘the girls jumping onto the beach’, there is no water in sight!  Still a happy photo though.

    By Mick Peirson (13/11/2006)
  • Hi Jacqueline! I’m in Edmonton Canada. The Hattons (Chris and his twin?) were good friends of my mother’s family the Taylors (one of two well known “Taylor” Brighton swimming families) and the Wallers who took over Cannon Place Beach from the Hattons. The Hattons were prominent in the support and running pre-2WW of the Brighton Boys’ Club. After the 2WW Chris Hatton was seen every day on the lower promenade (given good weather) with a “guess your weight!” scale. A few yards away in the Brighton Cruising Club, Pop Waller was the club barman! Born in 1930 I spent many days on that beach when allowed to by the SW winds! Our (Cannon Place Beach) life guard Fred Holland was killed on a bombing run over the city of Milan.

    By Jack R. Waller snr. (20/07/2010)
  • Good to see some of Lesley Mouncer’s pics. I was in touch with her some years ago and we swapped reminiscences about the Hatton’s beaches and the Cannon Place Beach that was run by the Wallers when the Hattons moved to the west of the West pier. In her pic “Group of people at Hatton’s beach” the man lying at full stretch in the foreground in white shorts is my father Robert (Bob) Waller son of the Cannon Place Beach lessee “Pop Waller” who (with his wife Florence Waller) succeeded to the Hattons’ beach. The Wallers ran the beach until the beaches were closed during the early part of the 2WW. We were given 24 hrs notice to clear the beaches.

    By Jack R. Waller snr (20/07/2010)
  • The man standing on the right in Lesley’s pic “Crowd of people on Brighton beach 1930” in white) is “Pop ” Waller (my grandfather) who ran the Cannon Place Beach after the Hattons moved to beaches west of the West Pier. Pop Waller was there in charge of the beach until the beaches were closed early in the 2WW.

    By Jack R.Waller snr (20/07/2010)

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